5 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android in 2019


If you get irritated when you don’t have internet connectivity to play games on your Android device, you need not to worry anymore. Now you may play offline games that do not require internet connectivity. If you are looking for the best offline shooting games, here we will provide you a list of these games. Once the game is installed on your device you may play it without consuming your mobile data. Here is a list of the 5 best Offline Shooting Games for Android that you may play anytime anywhere.

1. Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo is one of the best shooting sniper games for Android. It is an amazing game to fight with the enemy and prove your sniper skills in the king of 3D sniper games. In this game, you may arm yourself with deadly sniper weapons, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert missions deep inside enemy territory. In Kill Shot Bravo, you have to save the world from hunting terrorists, killing zombies and waging war on evil armies. You may complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and save them from any threat. It is a multiplayer game to shoot different enemy types each with their own strengths and combat objectives. It is a powerful game that you may play to test your skills against other snipers in live online Player Verses Player shooting matches in PVP mode.


kill shot bravo


You may download Kill Shot Bravo from here.

2. Cover Fire

Cover Fire is also one of the best free offline shooting games that you may play on your Android device. In this game, it’s your duty to lead the war and become the best shooter and sniper fps shooting. There is a new mode Sniper FPS Ops to defeat all enemies before the time runs out when every target adds 3 seconds to survive. It offers a modern control Modern control that brings you a fun and addictive combat. You may become the best sniper in the online tournaments mode, shooting with unlimited action against other assassins players. You may download this game and take control of the battle to become the best shooter in the most addictive 3d sniper fps shooting game.


cover fire


You may download Cover Fire from here.

3. Dead Trigger

If you want to be a part of Non-Stop Action, Dead Trigger is an award winning offline shooting game. In this game, you may save survivors by smashing hordes of bloodthirsty zombies and securing vital supplies. You may explore the city and protect the Safe Haven. You may arm yourself with beautifully realistic weapons like Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, or a Minigun and use powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, mines, grenades, blade chopper, baits, radar and more. It is the best game to play with your friends and family members.


dead trigger


You may download Dead Trigger from here.

4. Overkill 3

Do you want to step into the action of the audio-visual spectacle? If yes then start playing Overkill 3 on your Android device. In this offline game, it’s your duty to lead the Resistance into victory over the evil Faction armies and their brutal killing machines. You may play this multiplayer game with your friends. You may also team up and dominate the leaderboards together. It has multiple reward system including unique callsigns, equipment and even Overkill Medals. You may equip yourself with massive arsenal of fully customizable guns ranging from classic shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns to super-powered futuristic firearms. You may explore changing environment and fight against loyal Faction soldiers, heavy assault squads and snipers.




You may download Overkill 3 from here.

Overkill 3
Overkill 3
Developer: Craneballs
Price: Free+
  • Overkill 3 Screenshot
  • Overkill 3 Screenshot
  • Overkill 3 Screenshot

5. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is one of the most powerful offline shooting games that throws you into the hideous world of the zombie apocalypse where you don’t get second chance to survive. All you need to in order to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can and protect yourself grim zombie against a horrible zombie apocalypse. Additionally, you may unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help you stay alive. It has missions and minigoals that provide constant challenges to overcome. It is one the most amazing games that you may play with your family members and friends.


into dead


You may download Into the Dead from here.

Into the Dead
Into the Dead
Developer: PIKPOK
Price: Free+
  • Into the Dead Screenshot
  • Into the Dead Screenshot
  • Into the Dead Screenshot

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