The real identity if Brazilian individual from the city of Uberlândia got exposed by researchers from Check Point, who reported on VandaTheGod’s activity for years. The hacker left a digital trail…

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Why does your Mac Needs a Secure AntiMalware?

January 22, 2020| Reading Time: 4 minutes

Why does your Mac Needs a Secure AntiMalware? Mac Systems are deemed more secure when compared with other type of machines. With advances in technology, hackers have managed to learn…

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How to keep installed software on Windows PC up...

December 9, 2019| Reading Time: 3 minutes

Software updater Pro will look for out-of-date applications on your System and allow you to update installed software without any hassle. Software Updater Pro helps to update your software and…

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5 best free VPNs for Android devices in 2019

September 11, 2019| Reading Time: 6 minutes

If you use public Wi-Fi most of the time, there are high chances of hacking on device. To prevent your device cyber-attacks, you may use VPN application on your device….