Each version of Windows 10 adds new features and functionality; occasionally Microsoft may also remove features and functionality after stopping development of such features, often because Microsoft have added a…


3 Best Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS Devices

November 6, 2019| Reading Time: 9 minutes

Spy apps have become prevalent in recent years due to mounting risks of cybercrimes. With easy access to the internet and high-tech smartphones, cybercrimes, including cyberbullying, phishing, online identity theft,…

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6 Quick Ways To Spot Spam Email

October 11, 2019| Reading Time: 7 minutes

6 Quick Ways To Spot Spam Email – This post will help you learn about the best practices to quickly spot any spam email in mailbox.  Every day, we receive…

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5 best free VPNs for Android devices in 2019

September 11, 2019| Reading Time: 6 minutes

If you use public Wi-Fi most of the time, there are high chances of hacking on device. To prevent your device cyber-attacks, you may use VPN application on your device….