Windows 10 features Microsoft will no longer be developing


Each version of Windows 10 adds new features and functionality; occasionally Microsoft may also remove features and functionality after stopping development of such features, often because Microsoft have added a better option. Below are the details about the features and functionalities that we removed in Windows 10 in November 2019.  The features described below are no longer being actively developed by Microsoft, and might be removed in a future updates for Windows 10. Some features have been replaced with other features or functionality and some are now available from other sources.

Feature Details and mitigation Announced in version
Hyper-V vSwitch on LBFO In a future release, the Hyper-V vSwitch will no longer have the capability to be bound to an LBFO team. Instead, it can be bound via Switch Embedded Teaming (SET). 1909
Language Community tab in Feedback Hub The Language Community tab will be removed from the Feedback Hub. The standard feedback process: Feedback Hub – Feedback is the recommended way to provide translation feedback. 1909
My People / People in the Shell My People is no longer being developed. It may be removed in a future update. 1909



TFS1/TFS2 IME TSF1 and TSF2 IME will be replaced by TSF3 IME in a future release. Text Services Framework (TFS) enables language technologies. TSF IME are Windows components that you can add to enable typing text for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean languages. 1909
Package State Roaming (PSR) PSR will be removed in a future update. PSR allows non-Microsoft developers to access roaming data on devices, enabling developers of UWP applications to write data to Windows and synchronize it to other instantiations of Windows for that user.

The recommended replacement for PSR is Azure App Service. Azure App Service is widely supported, well documented, reliable, and supports cross-platform/cross-ecosystem scenarios such as iOS, Android and web.




Applications or code that depend on these features won’t function in the release when it was removed, or in later releases.



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