5 best voice recording apps for Apple Watch in 2019


Apple Watch is one of the most popular gadgets developed by Apple. With Apple Watch, you may command your device and perform many tasks without having direct access to your device. Apart from tracking your activities, messaging, listening music, managing reminders, you may also record your voice right from your wrist. It is really useful to record lectures or meeting sessions. There are many voice recorders available for Apple Watch, here is a list of the 5 best voice recording apps for Apple Watch.

1. Voice Recorder HD

If you are looking for the best voice recorder application for your Apple Watch, Voice Recorder HD is one of the best voices recording utility that helps to record sound for business, audio professional, lecturer, sound engineer, journalist, students and others who want to manage voice memos. With this tool, you may record high quality audio using its background recording and Bluetooth recording features. Plus, it allows you to configure audio quality on your Apple Watch. Additionally, you may also share recorded audio between two iOS devices.


Voice Recorder HD


You may download Voice Recorder HD from here.

2. SimpleMic

SimpleMic is another popular voice recording application that allows you to capture sound on your Apple Watch. Earlier, it was not easy to record sound even using your smartphone but now it can be done using your Apple watch. SimpleMic offers an easy audio recording interface with gesture-based. It is very simple to use; all you need to do is just swipe left or right to start recording. This utility is known for capturing clear and high-quality audio. Moreover, you may swipe up or down to get three different recording modes to record sound in specific real-world situations.




You may download SimpleMic from here.

3. Audio Memos

Audio Memos is specially designed to record audio in interviews, lectures, music session and briefings. It is a professionally designed audio recorder with full of powerful features. With this tool, you may email your recordings, search, sort of filter your recordings. It is a perfect utility for sending recordings to a computer using Wi-Fi and recording audio when your device is in sleep mode. Plus, you may access your memos from everywhere with iCloud. It has background recording feature to perform multitask effectively. It is a perfect utility to record during sleep mode and pause automatically during phone calls.


Audio Memos


You may download Audio Memos from here.

4. Awesome Voice Recorder

Awesome Voice Recorder is one of the best audio recording applications designed to record voice for business people, reporters, school personnel, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, university students and many others who want to manage their voice memos. With this utility, you may record sound directly in MP3, WAV, and M4A audio format. It supports high quality audio recording and unlimited recording time. You may select audio quality from 11,025KHz, 22,050KHz, 44,100KHz,48,000KHz options.


Awesome Voice Recorder


You may download Awesome Voice Recorder from here.

5. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a freeware designed for audio recording, transcription and iCloud syncing to all your devices. With this tool, you may edit your audio and transcriptions directly from the app and start a new recording completely on your Apple watch. Moreover, you may also use a Siri Shortcut to start a new recording. It is a simple tool that allows you to start, stop, pause and resume recording with a single tap. Apart from recording audio, you may view your audio in the waveform view and trim the parts you don’t want. And also make corrections and add new text to your transcriptions.


Just Press Record


You may download Just Press Record from here.

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