How do you encrypt data in an era of Global Digital uncertainty ?

How do you encrypt data in an era of Global Digital uncertainty?

With the growing technology, Cyber hackers and data thieves are a constant threat. Individuals want their private data protected and business owners want their confidential data secured. So, it is the time for both organizations and individuals to step and ensure that their data stays safe by use of encryption. In order to provide data protection, digital industry is working to provide and promote encryption tools to ensure that users’ personal information and private communications remain private.

Why do you need data encryption?

Let’s first understand why do you need data encryption? There are many internet threats or Cyber hackers that want to access your devices and data without your Knowledge and get access to all your personal information to misuse them. That sounds bad in terms of data privacy. So, digital industry provides data encryption to ensure your data safety. Encryption is an essential tool to provide layers of security that increases the protection level for any confidential data. Regardless of the strength of their data security protocols, organizations need to invest in keeping their data safe by enhancing their technology stacks.

Where do you need data encryption?

Another question that arises is where do you need data encryption? Encryption needs to be prominent and it is relevant across all the storage and usage of data. We need to look at all points where data is stored and used and make sure it is encrypted. If data moving from point A to point B and data being fetched for any task also need to be encrypted. If you are using mobile or PC for data storage, you need a platform-specific encryption and data protection strategy. For example, Apple devices have a feature of wiping out your data from your devices, in case the device is lost. Such companies also have effective hardware/firmware-level encryption built in for the saved data, which makes data stealing really hard even if intruders get physical access to the device.

Data encryption is highly required if you are a regular user. You may have sensitive information on your phone to use for online payments, wallets or other services. Your phone may also have all your emails, contacts, addresses, etc., It should be wise enough to switch on encryption on your device.

How to reduce data hacking risk for Businesses?

For businesses, one way to reduce data hacking risk may be by having strict control on who has access to what data by using role-based access control. The timings of the data being available to anyone can also be limited as per usage. Using a good Data Loss Prevention solution will go a long way to stop leaks. Such tools can scan and detect attempts to unauthorized access of sensitive data and stop them from happening at source. When data is accessed, it is a must to have audit logs and also to review these audit logs regularly to protect your data from any unauthorized access.


Hopefully ,the above description will help you to secure your personal information and communication.


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