how to download and install macos10.14.1 developer beta version to your Mac


Recently, Apple released a developer beta version for macOS 10.14.1 that can be downloaded and installed to test the coming features on your Mac. If you are a developer and want to test macOS 10.14.1 beta version 3, here we will provide you some easy instructions to download and install it on your Mac

Before proceeding to MacOS download and installation, we recommend you to make system backup using Time Machine tool so that you may recover it if anything goes wrong.

How to download macOS 10.14.1 developer beta to your Mac?

By following the below given steps you may easily download latest update macOS10.14.1 developer beta on your Mac:

  • On your Mac, open in any browser.
  • Click on the “Develop” tab and then select the “Downloads” tab.




  • Now Log in with your developer account.
  • Scroll down and click “Download”for macOS 10.14, doing so will automatically download file to your Mac.
  • Now, open your “Downloads”window and select “macOS Mojave Developer Beta Access Utility.”
  • From here, you may run the installer by double clicking “macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg.”




Once installed is downloaded, you will be automatically redirected to the Mac App Store Updates section. Here, click “Update to download and install the developer beta software” doing so will download the software and restart your Mac automatically.

How to install macOS 10.14.1 developer beta to your Mac?

After downloading the macOS 10.14.1 developer beta 3 on your Mac, you will be prompted to install it, follow the below given steps:

  • Click “Continue” and “Agree” to Apple’s “Terms and Conditions.”
  • Now, click “Install” and then follow the onscreen instructions to get the macOS Mojave installed.

After following the above given steps, you Mac will reboot to install the macOS Mojave and show a black screen with the Apple Logo and a progress bar. It may take some time to get it finished.

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