How to enable character count on your iPhone


Apple does not have character limit if you are sending iMessage but if you are sending message to non iPhone user, it will be sent as normal SMS with the character limit of 160. In case you are sending a long message, it may be sent as multiple messages or deleted, as per your carrier.  To avoid this situation, you may enable character count option so you can see if you reached the character limit while creating message on your iPhone. Let’s learn how to turn on character count on your iPhone.

You may easily enable character count so you can always see when you have reached the SMS character limit on your iPhone, follow the below given steps to do that:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and then scroll down to Character Count and turn it on.




  • Once it gets enabled, you will see the character count for your text message above the Send button as soon as you start typing on the second line of a SMS.




For example, if it shows 40/160, it means you have typed 40 characters and you may type more characters until 160 characters as an additional text. Moreover character count will appear when you start writing the second line of your text message.

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