How to insert emoji in an email using macOS Mojave Mail 12


Emoji are the most convenient way to communicate while messaging. It adds a feel in your conversations, especially when you are having a fun-loving chat with friends and colleagues. However, emoji are available since a long time but they are just added to Apple Mail in macOS Mojave. You may simply pick an emoji as per your mood and add it to your emails while composing. Moreover, you may also customize their size as per your need. Let’s learn how to add emoji to emails in Apple Mail App.

How to add emoji to emails in Apple Mail in macOS Mojave?

By following the below given steps you may easily insert emoji to emails and make your conversations more natural.

  • In order to start, open your Mail app and compose a new email by clicking on the “New Message” button or pressing “Command+N.”
  • Check out the “Emoji & Symbols” button on the top right corner of the screen and click on it.




  • Now, you may access a huge library of emojis and symbols. Find the emoji you want to use. Double click it to get it added at the location of your cursor.




How to enlarge the Size of the Emoji or Make It Look Small ?

Once emoji is added, you may select it and enlarge it by pressing “Command-+” or alternately, you may select Format in the menu bar Style>Bigger. You may also make it smaller by selecting the emoji and pressing “Command” and “–“ button or alternately, you may select Format in the menu bar Style > Smaller.

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