How to Turn off Touch ID or Face ID on Your iPhone


How to disable Touch ID or Face ID on Your iPhone ?

Using Touch ID or Face ID, you may secure your device to some extent but it is not as secure as only using a master passcode. Apple is very advanced to maintain your iPhone data security. If Face ID tries to authenticate on someone else’s face and fails several times and it will disable and ask for your passcode. Let’s learn how to disable Touch ID or Face ID.


Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Touch ID & Passcode (In case of iPhone X, tap Face ID & Passcode).




Step 3: Enter your passcode when you prompted.




Step 4: In the Touch ID & Passcode settings (Face ID & Passcode settings on the iPhone X), disable all the settings under Use Touch ID For section : iPhone Unlock, iTunes & App Store and Apple Pay ( If you are using).




Once you have disabled these settings, you may use your passcode to unlock your iPhone, use Apple Pay or pay for purchases from iTunes and the App Store.


You may want to disable your Passcode or to unlock your iOS device just by pressing the home button to get quick access to your iPad or iPhone. but it is recommended that you do not disable it. In order to disable the Passcode, follow the following steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap Touch ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your passcode when you prompted.
  • Tap Turn Passcode Off and then tap Turn Off to confirm.




You may have quick access to your iPhone by disabling Face ID or Touch ID or Passcode but it is not recommended.


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