How to view and edit files or images with Quick Look on your Mac


How to view and edit images or files without using any third party app on your Mac?

With macOS Mojave, Apple introduced Quick Look, a built-in tool to view and edit files on your Mac. Quick Look offers a quick way to preview file without opening it. It is very simple to use, you need to just press the Space bar for rotating photos, trimming audio and video clips. Also, you may use Markup for cropping photos and annotating images or PDFs. With Quick Look, you may preview item in Finder windows, on your desktop, and many other places on your Mac. Let’s learn how to view and edit files or images without using any third-party app on your Mac.

You my easily view and modify files and images with Quick Look on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • On your Mac, select one or more items in a Finder window or on the desktop and then press the Space bar.
  • Now, you can see a Quick Look window. If multiple items are selected, the first item is shown.
  • From Quick Look window, you may perform any of the following, as per your requirement:




  • To resize the window: Drag the corners of the window. You may also view the full screen using Quick Look. Select the Full Screen button in the Quick Look window. If you want to stop using it full screen, move the pointer to the bottom of the window to see and click the Exit Full Screen button.
  • To browse files (For a multiple selection): Click the arrows near the top-left of the window or press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys. You may also view the items as a slideshow by clicking the Play button.
  • To show items in a grid (For a multiple selection): Click the Index Sheet button or press Command-Return.
  • To zoom in and out of a file: Press Command-Plus (+) to make the image larger or Command-Minus (–) to make it smaller.
  • To rotate a file: You may rotate the item by clicking the Rotate Left button or pressing and holding the Option key and then clicking the Rotate Right button.
  • To mark up a file: Click the Markup button and then view Markup files.
  • To trim an audio or video files: Click the Trim button and then drag the yellow handles in the trimming bar. To test the changes you applied, click Play. You may start again by clicking Revert. One you are done with the changes, click Done and then select to replace the original file or create a new one.
  • To open a file: Click Open with  and select the app
  • To share a file: Click the Share button.
  • After finishing the preview or editing, press the Space bar or click the Close button for closing the Quick Look window.

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