What to do if you are unable to connect your Windows and Mac computers


How to fix connection issue when you have access to your Windows  and Mac computers?

If you want to connect to a Mac from a Windows computer, you need to enable file sharing on your Mac and set it up to share files with Windows users. Similarly, if you want to connect to a Windows computer from a Mac, you may connect to Windows PC by browsing or entering its network address in the server address filed. For any reason, if you are unable to connect your Windows and Mac computers, here we will provide you some steps that will help you to fix this issue.

You may easily find and fix the connection issue by following the below given steps:

Note: Try to establish connection after each step and proceed to next , if issue still persists.

  • First off, make sure your Mac is connected to the network. To ensure your  network connectivity, select Apple menu > System Preferences and then click “Network.” Now, find your network connection with a green sign in the left side pane.




  • If your computers are supposed to be in the same workgroup and on the same local network or subnetwork, make sure they both have a same workgroup name.
  • Make sure you entered the computer names and workgroup name accurately.
  • The entered Mac username and password must be correct.
  • Sometimes, you may need to reset the password for the account in “Users & Groups preferences.” In order to reset the password, select Apple menu > System Preferences and then click “Users & Groups.”




  • The entered Windows username and password must be correct.
  • If still issue exist, you need to change the password of your Windows user account on your Windows PC.
  • Sometimes, you need to restart your Windows PC to apply the changes you made in your system password.
  • While connecting to a shared folder on a Mac, if you see a message that the folder you specified isn’t valid, make sure you entered the credentials correctly. If you entered the credentials correctly, check to see whether the Mac is in sleep mode.

This is how you may fix issue and connect your Mac and Windows computers with ease.

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