10 best VPN software for Windows 10


We all browse internet on our computer or Smartphone, while browsing internet services collect all our personal details so that our personal information can be in danger and can be shared with other through the sites. If you browse internet on Windows 10 and concerned about your data security, there are many VPN software are available. With the help of this VPN software, Virtual Private Network securely connects your PC to various locations worldwide and allows you to access desktop remotely for files and folder sharing.  VPN software does not hide your online identity but it secures your information at some level. Here, we will provide you a list of the 10 best VPN software for Windows 10.

1. CyberGhost Secure VPN

If you are thinking that your private information is not secured, Cyber Ghost Secure VPN is the best way to protect your data from being accessed by hackers and ISPs. With this software, you may replace your original ID with one from the CyberGhost network and make it impossible for others to track you online.  By connecting to the secure CyberGhost servers, you may access the content from all over the world. This is the best way to stop prying eyes from your personal conversations, browsing history or online transactions, even on public WiFi networks. Apart from that it blocks all the malicious content and encrypts your online activities with the 256-AES bit technology.



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2. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is one of the best VPN software that secures your personal details while browsing. With this software, you may access any content worldwide.  Moreover, it hides your online identity and prevents you from being hacked. It provides 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, and split tunneling to protect your data from prying eyes. You may download, set up in minutes on your computer. With this software, you may stream or download anything, from any server, worldwide by using your hidden IP address, without any restriction.




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3. NordVPN

If you want to secure your browsing history and other online activities, NordVPN is the best way to keep your online identity Safe against ISPs and hackers.  With this software, you may securely access restricted content, favorite streaming websites and social media platforms worldwide.  You may access data from 4,889 servers globally.




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4. IPVanishVPN  

IPVanishVPN is the best VPN software for secure browsing and better streaming. With this software , you may connect to 1,000+ VPN servers in over 60+ countries for hidden IP and  better browsing experience from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you may access any censored content without any restriction. With this software, you may hide your real IP address so that your online activity can’t be accessed or tracked.




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5. PrivateVPN

Private VPN is the fastest VPN software worldwide that keeps you safe and allows you to enjoy the entire internet at high speed.  With this software, you may unlock geo-restricted media for video streaming from social networks and VPN servers from anywhere.  It provides a military-grade encryption that protects you from governments and hackers. You may easily download and set it up with a single click. It is the best software that provides secure and fast browsing without any restriction.




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6. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is the world’s most powerful VPN software that allows you a Private, Secure and open Internet connection for unrestricted browsing. With this software, you may encrypt your Internet connection to secure it when using public Wi-Fi and other networks and protect your online identity from hackers and snoops. This is invaluable when travelling in countries that imply Internet censorship, as well as in schools or workplaces that have limitations. By using this software, you may easily bypass blocked websites and content and maintain access to an unrestricted Internet. It does also bypass location-based blocks and access global media, as well as increase privacy and security while streaming.




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7. HideMyASS

If you are looking for the best VPN service, HideMyASS provides
quick, easy, and secure internet browsing without any restrictions. With this tool, you may browse the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere in the world by creating an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. Moreover, it helps you to encrypt your connection and hide your online identity.  It makes you untraceable so that nobody can track what you do, not even your internet provider.




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8. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is the best VPN software that provides your superior internet service, security and speed. It is very easy to download and install on your computer or other devices. It has highly secured 256-bit bank-level encryption that protects your personal data from snoopers and hackers automatically. Moreover, you may enjoy unlimited location switching, bandwidth and speed and browse from anywhere in the world with 700+ high-speed servers in over 35 locations globally.




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9. HideMe

HideMe is the most trusted VPN software that protects your online identity and offers you lots of fast and best servers worldwide. Moreover, it protects your Internet connection by encrypting your data so you can safely browse the web whether you are at home, work or in public. This is the best software to keep your location anonymous and stop your internet service provider from snooping on you.  It allows you to access any website, app or channel safely without any restrictions.




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10. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the world’s most powerful VPN apps that allow you to access any website worldwide without any restrictions. Moreover, you may browse anonymously by hiding your IP address and avoid ISP or third party spying. With this software, you may stream your favorite online videos at lighting speeds, without facing any buffering issues. By using PureVPN, you may cross all speed limits with total ease and comfort.




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