5 Best Ringtone Cutter Application for iPhone


When you buy an iPhone, you get some default ringtones. But most of us love to put their favorite tracks as ringtones. In order to do that, many third party ringtone maker applications can be used to make custom ringtones with your favorite music on your iPhone, without hassle. Here, we will provide you a list of the best 5 ringtone cutter application for iPhone.

 1. Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0

Ringtone Designer is the best ringtone cutter application that helps you to create your ringtone from existing songs on your device by dragging the sliders on the waveform. With this application, you may also record external audio and make it a ringtone and then sync with iTunes to get the ringtones into the Settings section of your iPhone. This is the perfect application to create unlimited ringtones, text tones, and alert tones using songs in your iPhone’s music library. In order to do that, you need to elect a song that you want to use, swipe the audio wave to select a short clip and then create your ringtone.


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You may download Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0 from here.

2. Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtone for iPhone application is very popular and free application that allows you to create or edit easily. With this application, you may cut or edit audio precisely with high-level accuracy. All the edited files can be seen on your iPhone with its default explorer. Apart from editing, it also allows you to record live audio or family and friends voice audio and trim it on the go before saving. Additionally, it has scan feature that helps you to find all the audio files and save your searching time for files in iTunes again and again. Mainly, it converts all mp3 & AAC iTunes music to ringtones.




You may download Ringtone for iPhone from here.

3. Ringtone DJ

Ringtone DJ is one of the best applications that allow you to create custom ringtones and make unlimited ringtones and alert tones with professional DJ sound effects from any song in your iTunes music library. In order to do that, you need to select the song you like, set the Start Time, Duration and press Save. Once your new ringtones are created, you may send them by email right to your computer. Moreover, you may also apply pitch & scratch effects, delay effect, low-pass and high-pass filters. At last, you always need to sync with iTunes to add the ringtone to iPhone settings.




You may download Ringtone DJ from here.

4. Ringtone Maker Pro

Ringtone Maker Pro is the perfect application that allows you customize ringtones with special effects. With this application, you may change the playback speed, make the sound pitch funny, convert male artist voice to female, country to club and more. Moreover, you can make unlimited ringtones with your iPhone songs and create custom Text Tone, Tweet Tone, Alert Tone, Mail Tone, Calendar Tone, Reminder Tone and Alarm Clock Sound. In order to use it, simply select the song you like and then clip a short wave to make a ringtone. It is based on advanced technology that helps you to clip the start time and end time easily with 0.1 second accuracy.




You may download Ringtone Maker Pro from here.

5. DIY Ringtone

DIY Ringtone is an effective ringtone cutter application that allows you to personalize the interface of this app by putting your own background pictures. With this application, you may easily control the speed and fade of ringtones you create.  This application helps you to convert any sound or music library songs to a high quality ringtone. In order to do that, you need to select a song or recording file, swipe the background wave image or move the slider thumb to get the music clip, play it or use it to create a ringtone. Then, sync the desired ringtone to iTunes and check it by visiting settings>Sound > Ringtones.




You may download DIY Ringtone from here.



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