5 latest features of Android 10 that are coming soon to your device


5 new features that are coming soon to your device with Android 10

Android 10 which was initially known as Android Q has released its final Android 10 beta update recently. The stable Android 10 is releasing soon for the compatible Android devices. If you have already updated your Android device to Android 10 beta, you may enjoy the latest features added to your device with this new update. This update is slightly tweaking gesture controls and adding the log awaited dark mode feature to Android devices. Moreover, it is also making major security and privacy changes to your device. Besides that, you will be able to restrict the launching activities of background apps. Here is a list of the 5 latest features of Android 10.

Dark Theme

Dark Theme is one of the most awaited features that are added to Android device recently. Like Mac, iOS or Windows users, Android users are also use their device in dark mode, without any eye strain. It is very simple to activate, all you need to do is just go to Settings menu, tap a button to turn the white interface to black. By using your device in dark theme, you may extend your device’s battery life. Moreover, Dark theme will be auto activated when you will activate the battery saver on Android 10.

New gesture and navigation

Like iPhone, you may swipe up to go home, swipe from either side to go home and drag across to go into a multitasking view. It is creating the biggest difference between Android and the iPhone’s is that the bottom bar is in its own separate part of the screen instead of covering the bottom of the app you are using on your device.

Live captions

If you are a game lover, this feature will provide you with real-time captions related to the game you are playing on your device. The best thing about this feature is that it will also work offline without any internet connectivity.


Earlier, Google announced that the new Android 10 will manage your device privacy much better than the previous version. It will also provide an option that helps you to grant location access to the app only while using it.

Foldable device support

Android 10 is adding more support to foldable devices. By folding and unfolding the device screen, you can change the screen size, ratio or density. With multi-windows, users can perform many tasks at the same time and switch between portrait and landscape mode.

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