10 Free and Best Driver Updater Tools 2018

Driver updater tools help you update your system drivers for your Windows PC. A driver is as essential software component that lets the operating system and a hardware device communicate with each other.

For example, let’s say a software application needs to read some data from a device. The application makes a call to the operating System and the operating system calls a function implemented by the driver. Such drivers are mostly written by companies manufacturing the hardware devices and so the driver knows how to get information from the hardware device.

Once you install a hardware device and its driver, the manufacturer may  release new versions of driver to upgrade the available features. Such drivers are not updated automatically on your system.

Drive updater applications give you an ability to look to out-of date drivers and update them to the most recent available driver version. Keeping updated drivers ensures better performance and reliable a system.

We are presenting here a list of the top 10 best available Driver updater applications.

1. DriverAssist: Device driver manager

DriverAssist is one of the top driver updater too an extremely instinctive program that installs all essential drivers for your PC spontaneously. You need to just install the DriverAssist on your PC and this worldly-wise software does all the work for you. It takes care of your all drivers and performs all the tough tasks on your PC.

Driver Assist - Wise Tech Labs

DriverAssist is a full package of Prime features–

  • Smart device identification, advanced technology helps to detect all the appropriate PC drivers automatically. Match them with the latest available update and keeps all the drivers up to date.
  • It is very keen to find essential drivers for your PC, enables accurate installation and ensures you for the PC optimization.
  • Assist you to take full back up while encountering the issues on your PC.
  • USB device manager helps you to attach/remove USB or other hardware safely.

DriverAssist is a set of smart tools which ensures that your PC & connected devices have the most up to date drivers.

You can Download DriverAssist from here


2. DriverFinder: Instant updates for your PC drivers

DriverFinder is a leading driver scanning, updating and downloading utility for windows based PCs. If your PC has issues due to missing, corrupt, mismatched and outdated drivers, then you need DriverFinder installation to resolve all these problems from your PC.Driver Finder - Wise Tech Labs

How does DriverFinder work?

  • Accurate detection of your PC and connected devices and also model and manufacturer of your specific PC.
  • Displays latest driver list to download by PC scanning and compares and analyses the most recent drivers on your PC.
  • It has feature to auto install the essential drivers to fix the issues and make you enjoy an error free and smooth computer.

DriverFinder is the fastest and easiest way to keep your PC updated.

Download DriverFinder from here


3. DriverAgent: Scan and update your PC

DriverAgent is the most trending driver updater, which performs multiple tasks such as scanning, analyzing and updating on your PC quickly. It provides elaborated report of your PC, which helps to detect and fix the issues. It adds newest and updated drivers in database on daily basis.  It allows you to update or install new drivers to get you PC running like new again.

Driver Agent - Wise Tech Labs

Main features of DriverAgent –

  • Introduce you to fresh design and simple interface.
  • Fast scanning to find out dated and missing drivers.
  • Provides scan results and driver downloader at one place.
  • It has big data base to download driver files.
  • Download manager to view the download progress of each of your files.
  • Drivers to back up and save all your drivers to compress zip files.
  • You can schedule back up, notification and driver scans.

You can download DriverAgent from here


4. Driver Navigator: Auto detects, download and install drivers

Driver Navigator is a driver simplifier that stops you from wasting time and money to fix the driver issues on your PC. Its advanced features, auto scan to detect, download and install the drivers quickly and easily. Driver Navigator finds all outdated and missing drivers and auto update them to keep your PC up to date.

Driver Navigator - Wise Tech Labs

Why you should have Drive Navigator on your PC –

  • Keeps auto updating drivers and maintain your PC at its highest potential.
  • Protect the software and hardware crashes by fixing or updating driver bugs.
  • Its unlock feature, unlock the driver features on your PC to enjoy the functionality and feature on your devices.
  • Find outdated and missing drivers in just seconds and provide you driver file entries in millions.
  • User friendly, safe and easy to use and get drivers from trusted sources.

You just download and install only Driver Navigator and stay away from more installations on your PC.

Get Driver Navigator from here


5. Smart Driver Updater: Scan, find and update drivers

Smart Driver Updater is one of the top driver updater software that auto updates outdated drivers and end your chaos and stress with your computer, all the time. It scans and replace corrupt and outdated drivers regularly to ensure you that your PC and connected devices are fully functional and running properly.

Smart Driver Udpater - Wise Tech Labs

Prime features of Smart Driver Updater–

  • Use 1.2 million hardware drivers list to update your PC drivers.
  • Backup and restore all your PC drivers by one click.
  • It has free scanning feature to detect expired drivers.
  • Default scheduler to run a scan automatically as per your set interval.
  • Makes easy your windows update and gives instant access to all latest drivers.

Smart Driver Updater is a set of driver management tool that will scan, find and update drivers on your computer.

You can download Smart Driver Udpater from here


6. Driver Reviver: Safe driver update and maintenance

Driver Reviver, one of the most reliable driver updater application, scans your PC to identify outdated and defunct drivers and update these drivers to restore the optimum performance of your PC and connected hardware and extend their functional time period. Driver Reviver updates drivers safely using original manufacturer drivers.

Driver Reviver - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Driver Reviver–

  • Ensures that your PC and connected hardware devices are running at top level.
  • Ensures you accurate detection of obsolete drivers and reduces the risk of downloading faulty drivers.
  • It saves your time by detecting and updating the drivers in few minutes.
  • Undoubtedly, Driver reviver is easy and quick to use and has some added features like automatic backup, restore wizard, exclusions, scheduler and more.

Driver Reviver is an essential software application, that requires keeping enable your PC and connected device. These drivers allow your PC programs to access full functionality and features of your PC and connected hardware.

Download Driver Reviver from here


7. Driver Booster: Quick and safe driver updater

If your PC and its connected devices are getting bugs, then Driver Booster is an advanced management tool to fix all the issues related to Device drivers which stops your PC‘s smooth running. It is compatible with all computer brands and manufacturer. Driver Booster provides drivers with higher security level at your computer.

Driver Booster - Wise Tech Labs

The ultimate features of Driver Booster–

  • It has huge driver data base which helps to find and update outdated drivers on your PC.
  • Driver backup which helps to restore the data in case of any incompatibility while installation.
  • It always allows you to download new graphic drivers for smooth streaming and performance, especially for new games.
  • It runs in back ground process to auto update all the drivers and keep your PC up to date.

Driver Booster is a new technology tool which acts as an all in one command center. It makes driver updating super easy and fast.

You can get Driver booster from here


8. Auslogics Driver Updater: Update all drivers on your PC

Auslogics Driver updater fixes all the conflicts and crashes on your PC and offers smooth hardware processing. It scans your PC and presents you a report on all outdated and missing software. It detects and updates them to latest manufacturer – recommended editions.

Auslogics Driver Udpater - Wise Tech Labs

Why do you need Auslogics Driver Updater?

  • Best software application to save your time from manual searching and auto detects and updates the obsolete drivers.
  • Ensures compatibility for all computer manufacturers.
  • You can create backup to come back on previous version if you do not like the updated version.
  • It is based on safe and effective technology.

Auslogics Drive Updater is the best solution to analyze and fix the PC and hardware issues. It has enough features to enhance the computer performance.

You can download Auslogics Driver updater from here


9. Avast Driver Updater: Scan, update and fix

Avast Driver Updater takes your computer out of freezing, crashing and interrupting issues. Its auto scanning feature helps to find and update outdated and missing drivers quickly. Avast Driver Updater auto scans and update the drivers to reduce and prevent with PC and connected devices such as Printer, keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi router, videos and other external devices.

Avast Driver Updater - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Avast Driver Updater –

  • Connected to more than 100 brands to keep your PC at its peak.
  • Automatically scans your whole computer to find corrupt and missing drivers.
  • 127000+ hardware drivers are available in its checklist.
  • Scans and update you with the recent updates, all the time.
  • Download the needed drivers and speed up your PC operations.
  • Back up option helps to restore undesired changes.

Download Avast Driver Updater from here


10. Advanced Driver Updater: Easy to scan and update

Advanced Driver Updater is easy and quick service to scan outdated and missing drivers on your PC and make them best in performance. You can run your computer much faster if you have latest driver installed. All updated hardware drivers allow you to access all features of your PC and connected devices. It is always select and installs the exact driver for your PC configuration.

Advanced Driver Udapter - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Advanced Driver Updater–

  • Enhance the overall computer performance by instant scanning and updating latest drivers.
  • The Driver exclusion feature to exclude those drivers which creates PC instability.
  • Provides full and selective backup of your all PC drivers and restore them whenever required.
  • Get control of all drivers to select and install on your PC.
  • Scheduler is there to schedule regular auto scan and update.
  • Advanced Driver Updater is fully compatible up to latest version of Windows OS.

You can download Advanced Driver Updater from here


Keep your drivers updates with any one of the best driver updater tools and enjoy well managed smooth system performance.

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