15 Best Android Cleaner and Optimizer Applications of 2018

Are you fed up of using slow android phone? Do you wish to keep your phone running smoothly, all the time? Then, Android cleaner applications may be the best way to eliminate all the junks and free up your phone storage to maintain your phone for longer use. These applications are equipped with all the features which are needed to keep your phone fast and up to date

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner is one of the most known Android Cleaners. It enhances your phone performance by cleaning up junk files and duplicate files. It makes more space to run your phone at its peak. It is the best set of tools to maintain the overall performance of your phone.

Systweak Android Cleaner - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Systweak Android Cleaner –

  • Schedule cleaner to clean up caches and RAM optimizer to boost up the phone performance automatically.
  • It removes all the jumble files which accumulate with the device use.
  • File cleaner module to free up more space on phone and increases phone speed.
  • Stop all the background running application and extend your phone’s battery life.
  • Act as a Game booster to utilize junk free space and results smoother and responsive play.
  • Storage manager helps you to find useless application to uninstall them to get free space and you can also take a backup of all.apk files.
  • Inbuilt file manager helps to manage and view all the stored files of your phone simply.
  • Allow you to view hidden files and its WhatsApp module help you to manage WhatsApps media files such as photos, videos, audios and documents.
  • Notification module helps to manage the notification bars for all the available applications.

You can download Systweak Android Cleaner from here.

Smart Phone Cleaner
Smart Phone Cleaner
Price: Free

2. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed Booster and cleaner is one of the most trusted phone cleaners. It clears cache and junk files and free up more space to maintain access speed of your phone. It is the only all in one speed booster, junk cleaner and antivirus application that clears background application process, junk and cache to optimize your phone performance. It has lock feature to secure your application access.

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner - Wise Tech Labs

Why you should have DU Speed Booster & Cleaner on your phone?

  • The most effective booster to clean up inutile memory and optimize phone speed.
  • Smart junk cleaner to detect extra useless memory occupancies and clean up them to boost up your device.
  • Its latest antivirus technique scans the whole phone to protect against Malware, Virus, Trojan and more.
  • Stop the background processes and enhance your network conditions while browsing such as download and upload speed.
  • Detects and cleans up the applications that cause overheating and start the CPU cooling process on your phone.
  • Application manager to scan and remove the inessential APK files and allows you to move data from phone storage to SD card.
  • World best app locker to prevent your phone from wrong access of your private applications like Face book, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
  • Get battery status in real time and DU swipe for quick switch between applications and phone settings.

You can download DU Speed Booster and Cleaner from here.

3. 360 Security Lite

Are you looking for the all in one Antivirus Optimizer to boost up your phone? Then 360 Security Lite is the most effective cleaner application to keep your phone in top -notch condition. It includes cleaning, boosting and locking feature to get your phone up to date. It optimizes junk, cache files, background apps and extends battery life, while protecting your phone from virus and Trojans.

360 Security Lite - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of 360 Security Lite-

  • Its unique design and small size consume less memory and power.
  • Inbuilt Antivirus engine helps to protect your phone from malicious files, especially while browsing.
  • Eliminate inefficacious files and free up more space to get better use of your android phone.
  • Phone and game booster to stop the background applications process and keep away your phone from sudden freeze and crashes.
  • Scan installed application and other APK files in real time and monitor application installations.
  • Save battery life and cool CPU by stopping the background processes.
  • App lock feature prevents your device applications from unauthorized access.

You can download 360 Security Lite from here.

4. CCleaner

CCleaner is the world‘s most popular android cleaner software to remove junks, reclaim memory, monitor your phone and browser and browser safely. It is very effective cleaner application for your android phone.

CCleaner - Wise Tech Labs

Highlights of CCleaner –

  • Best application cleaner to clean cache, junk, useless file and optimize your phone speed.
  • Quick and easy uninstallion of unwanted application to reclaim the memory.
  • Analyze application impact and optimize them to extend the battery life.
  • Default task killer to kill the background running applications to boost up phone speed.
  • Monitor your system process such as CPU usage , RAM usage , battery and temperature
  • It’s simple and facile interface provide easy and one click optimization.

You can download CCleaner from here.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Price: Free

5. App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is designed very user-friendly and it has simple interface to scan and analyze the junk and cache file size that you can remove by a single click. You can boost up your phone by removing the large inutile files.

App Cache Cleaner - Wise Tech Labs - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of App Cache Cleaner –

  • Quick and easy clean up of application cache files to enhance the phone performance.
  • Scan and result a list of all cache and junk file size.
  • Easiest way to search the desired application.
  • Enhance the overall phone performance by one click cleaning.

You can download App Cache Cleaner from here.

App Cache  Cleaner
App Cache  Cleaner
Price: Free

6. Clean Master

Clean Master, the best optimization utility tool with space cleaner and antivirus. It keeps your phone clean and safe from virus. It is advanced with private photo feature to hide and encrypt your photos easily and safely.

Clean Master (Boost&Antivirus) - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Clean Master –

  • It is most effective and free cleaner to remove junk, residual and cache files, which slows down your phone.
  • Free antivirus engine to protect you phone from virus and malware attack.
  • Detect unauthorized and fake WiFi public networks to keep secure your phone.
  • Free up RAM and boost up your phone by one tap.
  • Charge master to prevent your phone from over charging and display battery status.
  • iSWIPE to get fast and easy access to your phone applications.
  • It has personalized settings to beautify your phone.

You can download Clean Master from here.

7. The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

The Cleaner is the most beautifully designed android cleaner with free optimizer and speed booster features. It puts you in control of your phone’s overall health. It is boost up your phone speed by clearing junk, residual and cache files. It has default apps manager to uninstall unwanted and malicious applications from your phone and free up more space to keep your phone stable and healthy.

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean - Wise Tech Labs

Best features of The Cleaner-

  • A most effective memory optimizer to clean up and free up more space, where you can save your favorite files like audio, video and other document files.
  • Storage cleaner to clean up inutile application and APK file to create more space on phone’ internal storage.
  • Identify applications with unnecessary permissions and uninstall them in batch.
  • Speed up your game performance by game booster.
  • Protect your apps with PIN or password.
  • Schedule optimizer to set auto scanning and cleaning.

You can download The Cleaner from here.

The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
  • The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean Screenshot
  • The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean Screenshot
  • The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean Screenshot

8. Go Speed

Go Speed is the world best optimization application. This optimizer is very fast and easy to clean up junk and obsolete files from your phone to run it like new. It is the smallest cleaner in market to speed up your phone and safely clean files to increase available storage. With the advanced process monitoring technique it can smartly clean the back ground processes, stop silent running applications and disable silently auto start applications.

Go Speed - Wise Tech Labs

Highlights of Go Speed –

  • BlackHole Speed Booster is the most effective booster to stop the toughest auto start application.
  • App lock, you can lock all your private applications e.g. Face book, WhatsApp and more.
  • Get rid of pre installed application by terminating them with a single tap.
  • Smartly scan all the files on your phone and clean up unwanted files to keep the best performance.
  • App manager is there to find unused application, backup and application uninstaller to create more space.
  • Set intelligent on- screen widget to launch the cleaner in one click.

You can download Go Speed from here.

9. AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster, The most reliable phone optimizer that will run your device faster and smoother, store more data, free up more space by clearing junk and battery saver. AVG Cleaner is an intelligent device manager and optimizer that are already installed by millions of users.

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of AVG Cleaner and Battery Booster-

  • Create more space and boost up device speed by uninstalling pre installed application.
  • Remove obsolete files, uninstall inutile apps and delete bad or unwanted photos and videos.
  • App hibernation helps you to extend battery life and keep your device running for longer.
  • It is the one tap analysis and optimization.

You can download this application from here

AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
Price: Free

10. Droid Optimizer

Do you think that your phone is getting slow and having high battery drainage? Then Droid Optimizer is the best application to keep on your phone, that cleans up old and inutile data from your phone and enhance your phone performance. It is a one click process to get your device like new.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer’s highlights –

  • Clear havoc with your device storage, Ashampoo Droid optimizer frees your smart phone from old and residual files that are accumulated with device use.
  • Get rid of internet traces and enhance your device’s browsing potential.
  • Default Good night scheduler to stop all the running application and other network process automatically and extend the battery life.
  • It’s free and without ads version is compatible with all android phones.
  • It has top most features like Game boosting and CPU cooling to keep your phone run at top.

You can download Droid Optimizer from here.

Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer
Price: Free

11. All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is one of the top rated android cleaners that optimize overall performance of your android phone. This utility and tool application is your junk cleaner, task killer, battery saver, speed booster, app manager, app locker, CPU cooler, fast battery charger and more.

All-In-One Toolbox - Wise Tech Labs

Exciting features of All-In-One Toolbox –

  • Cache cleaner to clean cache and residual files left by uninstalled applications and generate more space.
  • Junk cleaner to smart scan and remove junk files including system and application caches. Make more space with one tap.
  • Boost up memory and cool down CPU temperature by clearing background running apps.
  • Bulk operator to install and uninstall application in batches.
  • File manager to manage media files and App2sd feature to move file internal storage to SD card.
  • Backup and restore option to regain data after factory data reset.
  • Photos can be compressed to save in small size
  • Quick access to phone settings and hardware info.
  • A nomadic button to quickly switch AIO tools, recent apps and phone settings.

You can download All-In-One Toolbox from here.

All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner
All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner
Price: Free

12. App Tune-Up Kit

App Tune -Up Kit is totally new and best way to contour any Android application in few seconds. With one touch, you can analyze application performance in some critical areas like CPU, GPU, power, thermal and network information. It is most known application as game booster.

App Tune-Up Kit - Wise Tech Labs

Important features of App Tune-Up Kit –

  • Single touch evaluation of any application in few seconds.
  • Dashboard to show easy and understanding results and results can be shared via social media.
  • Best tool and utility to compare two applications.
  • Provide the estimated power consumption value of your android phone.
  • Best way to avoid ads, inutile data collection and analytics.

You can download App Tune-Up Kit from here.

13. Power Clean

Power Clean is the light, quick and intelligent android cleaner and optimizer application that cleanup the storage and memory with one click. There are Millions of users who are using this app cleaner to enjoy faster phone speed and get more space on phone.

Power Clean - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Power Clean –

  • Integrate advanced junk cleaner engine for super fast junk and residual clean up.
  • One click booster auto cleans phone memory and free up more space.
  • Clear photo junk, obsolete APK files and system cache.
  • RAM cleaner and RAM booster to clean phone RAM and speed phone.
  • Notification cleaner to clear notification bar and move or store wanted application notification.
  • Free antivirus to clean virus from your android phone.
  • App lock sets password or PIN to protect the app privacy.
  • Inbuilt power battery saver to optimize power consumption and battery charging.
  • It is most effective antivirus and power cleaner to protect against virus all the time.

You can download Power Clean from here.

14. Max Cleaner

Max Cleaner, one of the powerful cleaning apps with android cleaner, virus cleaner and space booster. It provides powerful protection including phone booster and cleaner for android phone, virus cleaner with deep clean, virus remover and battery saver. Safely clean phone junk files, clean virus, free up more space and boost up phone.

Max Cleaner - Wise Tech Labs

Key features of Max Cleaner –

  • The most effective phone cleaner to clean junk and cache files to enhance the phone speed.
  • Best android antivirus to detect and remove virus, malware and Trojans.
  • Speed cleaner to clean up junk files with single tap.
  • Power cleaner for android phone to clear cookies and cache app.
  • Stop the background running apps to save the power consumption and extend battery life.
  • Android cleaner is designed to mute, hide unwanted notifications and collect them in notification organizer.

You can download Max Cleaner from here.

15. Turbo Cleaner

Turbo Cleaner, one of the most reliable and effective phone optimization tools with quick junk cleaning and phone boost functions. It makes your phone smooth and fast by clearing junks, residual and cache files from your phone. With the Unique algorithm technique, Turbo Cleaner can smartly clean back ground process, stop silently running applications and disable auto start applications. Make your phones faster like ever.

Turbo Cleaner - Wise Tech Labs

Main features of Turbo Cleaner –

  • Advanced phone Booster, free up RAM and speed up your phone after deep boosting.
  • Turbo cleaner has special cleaning engine to detect and erase junk files including advertisement junk, system junk, video junk , photo junk and residual junk and boost up phone speed.
  • Deep cleaner to stop unnecessary applications as many as possible and extend battery life.
  • Monitor CPU temperature and detect applications that are overheating. By killing heavy resources consuming applications, you can cool down CPU temperature.
  • Best and one click phone cleaner and booster to keep your phone fast and clean.

You can download Turbo Cleaner from here.

Keep your android phone smoother and faster !






































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