How to send or request money using Google Pay


Google offers the most powerful and convenient platform known as Android that is the second most popular mobile platform. There are thousands of applications launched by Google are available to use on your Android device. Most of the device comes with some default apps like Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Photos and more. If you are using Android device and looking for a Google app that allows you to make payments, Google pay provides the most efficient and easy way to transfer and receive money over the internet. Let’s learn how to use it.

Google Pay comes by default with the latest android device but if it is not there on your device, you may download it from Google play store and use it by following the below given steps:

To download Google Pay on your Android device

  • On your Android Phone, open “Google Play store.”
  • In the search box, type “Google Pay” and search for it.
  • Select it from the top results and tap “Install.”

To send and receive money using Google Pay

Once Google Pay is downloaded on your Phone, you may easily send or request money by following the below given steps:

  • On your android device, open the “Google Pay” app.
  • On the bottom navigation bar, tap “Send.”




  • Select the blue “Send or request.”




  • Select the contact and enter the amount you want to send/request.
  • Tap “Add Note” if you want to add any message related to that money transfer or request.




  • After following above given steps, tap “Request or Send” at the bottom to finish up.



To send/receive money via Google Pay in Android messages

If you want to send or request money using Google Pay while chatting with your friend on Android messages, follow the below given steps to do that.

  • On your Android phone, open Android Messages and select the conversation thread.
  • Tap on the “+”icon near the bottom left.
  • Scroll down until you locate “Google Pay” icons.
  • Tap “Send or Receive” as per your need.




  • Enter the amount and tap “Attach MoneyAttach Request.”





This is how you may transfer money to your friends or family members using Google Pay and similarly request money from them whenever you need.


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