How to manage your Facebook Timeline


Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform that allows you to connect, share your photos, videos and life events with your friends and family members. Facebook has many features that help you to manage your account. One such feature is Timeline that avails a number of ways to personalize your account so it highlights the posts, pictures and events you admire most.  Here, you will provide you some ways to manage your Facebook Timeline.

To hide things from your Timeline

Data privacy is always a concern on social media applications like Facebook. So it is always better to find things that help you to protect your data from curious eyes on Facebook Timeline

  • In order to hide a Timeline element, click the pencil icon at the top of the particular post and then select “Hide from Timeline.”




  • Apart from that, you may also modify your Timeline settings more generally.
  • Click the arrow  at the top of the screen and then select “Settings” and click “Privacy“to access the privacy settings of your account.





  • Then, Scroll down to “Limit the Audience for Past Posts,” then select “Manage Past Post Visibility.”
  • Now click “Limit Old Posts.”

To add past events in your Timeline

  • In order to add a status update, photo, place check-in, or life event to your Timeline, you need to float the mouse over the line in the center of the page until it turns into a plus sign to add the events.
  • After adding, when you will sign in again to Facebook, it will reflect all the events on your Timeline.

To customize your Timeline

If you want to customize and personalize your Facebook Timeline, you may easily highlight the posts, pictures and events you admire most.

  • First you may add cover photo, to do that, on the top of your profile click “Update Info” and then click “Add a Cover.”
  • Once you click that, you may select an image from your photos or upload a new image. Once it loads, you can adjust the positioning of your cover image.
  • If you want to update your cover image, you may click “Change Cover” on the current image.
  • To change the primary photo, simply you need to click the pencil icon in the top corner of the album post and select “Change Primary Photo.”

To check out your Timeline from different angles

If you have hidden your old post and private photos, you may still access them and get a complete view in Facebook history.

  • In order to do that, in your Timeline, click “Activity Log” to see your posts and information that you want to review before it publishes to your profile.
  • Moreover, you may also filter what you see by clicking the “All” from drop down menu at the top. You may select to see only your posts, posts by others, posts from specific Facebook apps, photos and more.
  • Additionally, you may also check how others view your profile by clicking “Activity Log” a cog icon. Click the cog icon and select “View As” to see how your profile looks to others.




To organize friends and filter updates in your Timeline

Once you have already updated or posted so many post or photos on your Facebook Timeline, you may filter and manage content on it.

  • Once you add a friend or follow any public update, Facebook automatically sets the level of posts you see to “Highlight Post.”
  • You may change it from your profile; click the “Following” button and then click edit button in front of “notifications” to change it.
  • From there, you may also filter posts such as life events, status updates, or photos that you want to see.
  • You also enable “Review Timeline” to manually approve posts you’re tagged in before they go on your timeline




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