5 best websites to download subtitles for movies in 2019


If you love to watch foreign movies with heavy accent, subtitles help you to understand better what the actor is saying. However, some people don’t link substiles because they hide some content on the screen. Undoubtedly, subtitles help you to understand and feel the emotions of actors in batter way. Moreover, it is really helpful, especially when you are intending to learn foreign language. Many of us watch dubbed movies which are less authentic in comparison of original ones. Watching movie with substiles gives better experience than watching dubbed movies. Plus, you may learn many slang words of various languages. If you are wondering for the best website to download subtitles, here is a list of the 5 best websites to download subtitles for movies in 2019.

1. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is one of the most popular subtitle download websites where you get subtitles for every recently released movie. It has simple and easy to use interface that allows you to find desired subtitles according to language and genre with ease. On this website, you may find a great collection of all the popular and latest movies. Moreover, it allows you to see ratings and year of release for all the uploaded movies. In order to download subtitles, you are directed to a PDF download page where you may find a list of all the movies along with their substile download link.


YIFY Subtitles


You may access YIFY Subtitles from here.

2. Subscene

Subscene is another great subtitle download site that has a huge database of movies and popular shows in various foreign languages. From this website, you may add subtitles in movie or show in many languages. It’s simple and user-friendly website helps you to filter the subtitles by language. And if you can’t find your desired subtitles, you request for subtitles that are not in the available database. It offers substiles for every movie and show available or launched worldwide.




You may access Subscene from here.

3. TVsubtitles.net

TV Subtitles.net is one stop website where you find the largest collection of subtitles for TV Shows. On this website, you may find subtitles for all the popular TV Shows and TV series. You may download Subtitles in multiple languages. When you download subtitles from this website, they are saved as zip file, so you need to extract them. Moreover, if you want to watch DivX/XviD movies with subtitles, you need to install a DirectShow filter for Windows Media Player which is known as DirectVobSub.




You may access TVsubtitles.net from here.

4. Moviesubtitles

Moviesubtitles is one of the most popular subtitle websites where you may search and download thousands of subtitles. On this website, you may read You some news below, search the subtitles for the desired movie. Subs is one of the most popular subtitles collections available in multiple languages. If you create your own subtitles, you may also share them with other users on this website.




You may access Moviesubtitles from here.

5. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is the best website to download free subtitles for movies. You may download substiles in multiple languages. Moreover, it provides a It also provides a great tool to search substiles for movies by setting specific options such as a movie year and country, or a season and an episode of the TV series. It’s cool and responsive design offers you best way to download subtitles with ease. Plus, you may upload your own subtitles to share with your friends.




You may access OpenSubtitles from here.

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