Top 15 Best Windows 10 Themes of 2018


15 Best Windows 10 Themes You should Try!

Windows 10 is the latest version of windows and it has most advanced features, functionalities and themes.  If you want to give your computer a unique & beautiful look, themes are the best thing to do that. Windows Themes are the complete package for color adjustments, sounds, desktop backgrounds and other personalization tweaks on your PC. You may download and apply these packages on your machine with creatively designed themes. There are many themes available in market but here, we will provide you a list of top 15 best Windows10 themes of this year.

1. Stardock Start 10

Stardock Start 10 is a tremendous theme and one of the best Windows 10 skins you may select your favorite color for the Start menu and enjoy custom textures for your taskbar. An array of bundled images and textures let you personalize your computer. You may access your desktop applications and new Universal applications conveniently and quickly.

Stardock Start10_WiseTechLabs

You can download Stardock Start 10 from here.

2. Silk

Silk is one of best Windows 10 themes. As per name, it looks so beautiful. Silk theme will change your screen to an attractive notebook. You can enjoy a notebook with this theme. The best part of Silk theme is that you can customize its color according to your choice and make it more colorful and attractive. It is an original Windows theme designed for simplicity and productivity; it has no distracting sound schemes or annoying screen savers so it will not disturb your favorite settings.

Silk _wiseTechLabs

You can download Silk from here .

3. Ades Theme

Ades Theme is a beautiful theme for Windows 10 with simple and unique colors. It has a dark interface for windows 10 which is also good for your eyes. This theme uses some sort of soft blue, green and grey combinations in different parts of Windows UI.

Ades Theme _WiseTechLab

You can download Ades Theme from here.

4. Royal Inspirate Theme

If you want to change your Windows 10 look completely,Royal Inspirate theme  provides a new screen look to your computer. This theme is unique and comes in simple colors.

Royal Inspirate theme_WiseTechLabs

You may download Royal Inspirate from here and enjoy your PC in a different professional and attractive look.

5. iWin Theme

iWin is one of the best Windows 10 themes that comes with the completely unique user interface. If you use the iWin theme on your Windows PC , it will completely change your computer screen and gives an unique appearance to your Windows 10.

iWin Theme _WiseTechLabs

You can download iWin Theme from here.

6. AMD Theme Pack

AMD Theme pack is specially designed for the gamers, so if you are fond of video games and want to give your PC a gaming type user interface then AMD Theme Pack is the perfect choice. It is dark theme which gives an amazing look to your computer.

AMD Theme Pack _WiseTechLabs

You can download AMD Theme Pack from here.

7. Penumbra 10

Penumbra 10 is one of the best dark themes. This theme will replace all the colors of your Windows 10 with the dark colors which are also restful for your eyes. You need to apply the patches above before and manually place the theme’s files in the right folder before you can use the theme. But once you have it set up, it is a beautiful dark theme that makes using your system at night a pleasure.

Penumbra 10-WiseTechLabs

You can download Penumbra 10 from here.

8. Theme Sci-Fi

Do you like science? If yes! Then Sci-Fi theme is the best thing to keep on your Windows 10 that gives your PC a look of scientific computer or high tech device. This theme has unique layout and that is the reason behind the theme making it in the list of best themes.

Theme Sci-Fi-WiseTechLabs


You can download Theme Sci-Fi from here.

9. Mac OS X EI Capitan

Are you a Mac interface lover? If yes, you may want MAC OS look for your Windows PC. This can be done using Mac OS X EI Capitan theme. This theme will change the default user interface of your Windows 10 and will replace it with the MAC OS user interface.

Mac OS X EI Capitan_WiseTechLabs

You can download Mac OS EI Capitan Theme from here.

10. Vanilla

Vanilla is the best Windows 10 skin. It is popular for its elegant look. It does not have any border; it is completely border less. It is quite similar to online cloud services. With vanilla theme, you may get a different, clear and elegant look of your computer screen.


You can download Vanilla Theme from here.

11. StartisBack Theme

If you want to experience Windows 7 appearance while using Windows 10, StartisBack theme is designed to bring back the start button of Windows 7. This theme will transform your Windows 10 into Windows 7 look.

Start-is-Back _WiseTechLabs

You can download StartisBack Theme from here.

12. Oxford

Oxford theme is one of the best themes for Windows 10. This theme does not include many sophisticated features like other themes; Oxford is very simple and user-friendly theme. If you want simple and plain look for your Windows 10, then Oxford is the best theme to get on your computer.


You can download Oxford Theme from here.

13. Ubuntu SkinPack

If you are a fan of Ubuntu Operating system, Ubantu Skin Pack is designed for you to give your Windows PC a look of Ubuntu OS. It is one of the best themes for Windows 10.This theme will overwrite all the colors, icons and layout of Windows 10.

Ubuntu SkinPack_WiseTechLab

You can download Ubuntu SkinPack from here.

14. Yosem Dark

Yosem dark is another best dark theme for Windows 10 which gives your Windows 10 a very professional and attractive look. This theme has a very simple yet attractive interface. If you do like dark themes, you should try this amazing theme on your Windows 10.

Yosem Dark_WiseTechLabs

You can download Yosem Dark from here.

15. Flattastic

Flattastic is also a best Windows 10 theme. If you really want to experience the different 8 versions of Flattastic Dark theme and light theme, then this theme is best thing to keep on your computer. With Flattastic theme you may get uncomplicated look of your Windows 10.



You can download Flattastic from here.


You may download any of these themes for Windows 10 as per your choice to enjoy unique and beautiful look of your computer screen.


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