How to Protect Your Mac from Malware

Are you worried about your Mac security against malware? In order to secure your Mac, you should be aware of that most of the Trojans and malware attempt to access your Mac via email phishing and other activities that you do on internet. But you need not to worry anymore; there are many ways to prevent your Mac from such online threats.

Best ways to protect your Mac are listed below

1. Keep Your Mac and Other Software Up to Date

Most of the time, your Mac notifies you for new system updates and you click on “Remind me later” to ignore them. You should stop doing that because this is very important to keep your Mac OS and all of your apps up to date. System updates blotch known security vulnerabilities, so if your Mac is not up to date you are making a way there for malware to potentially exploit.

Updates are necessary to eliminate all the online threats which are coming through internet browsing. Mac app store provides you an easy and quick way to update most of the application on your Mac. If you don’t want to update or manage these application updates on your own, you may enable automatic update option in system background.

Also there are many Mac cleaning and antivirus software available to keep your Mac clean and safe.


2. Only Install Software That You Trust

As everyone knows that there are countless pirated Mac apps available for free. Installing such applications is the most common way to end up with malware. You need to be more careful to keep away from these untrustworthy applications. Always download and install software from the Mac App Store or directly from the software’s official website. If you get any random popup saying Application is out of date, it can be a scam and if you want to make sure about that update, go to Mac app store or official website instead of clicking the popup and check for updates from the official source. However, your Mac only runs software from authorized developers, which is safe and good. This is an effective security layer for your Mac but then also you need to be sure you are only running applications you know for a fact that you can trust.

3. Third-party malware scans

Apple has some default functionality that provides some great malware protection to your Mac. But that’s not; you completely rely on it because malware is something which may hit on your Mac anytime through the installed malicious file and documents. So, they can be detected and removed by installing any Mac cleaning applications with smart scan technology. This is the great way to have around when you suspect your Mac is infected, but even if you do not have any suspicions it’s a good habit to run a scan from time to time. That way, if you are infected, you can at least detect them instantly.

4. Disable Java and Flash

Java and Flash are the two most common reasons to introduce malware on Mac. You need to update browser plugins to keep your Mac away from malware. However, in recent browser Java and Flash are both avoidable. Safari also disables them by default. You may disable these plugins in other browsers as well and re enable them while accessing official or trusted websites.

Disable Java

5. Enable System Identity Protection

Mac has some settings for default protection and it is called System Identity Protection.  Previously it used to allow a user to open the Terminal and change anything about the system with enough knowledge; most of the system is completely off limits now. Even after that user found system modifications. That is why people started looking for disable system Identity Protection, that’s not good way. If you are able to change the core of the operating system, so does any malware you run, which makes it complicated to detect and remove such malware. For this reason, we suggest you to enable System Identity Protection.

Enable System Identity Protection


Hopefully, above ways will help you to avoid and detect malware on your Mac to keep it safe and protected.


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