Snapchat launched Snap kit developer program and promised to secure user data


Snap launches “login with Snapchat” feature and promises it won’t share user data with developers

Recently Snapchat stated “We’re introducing Snap Kit to help developers build products powered by some of the best parts of Snapchat.” Mainly, Snap kit has four parts including Creative Kit, Bitmoji Kit, Login Kit and Story Kit. With this tool users can use their account on the messaging service to log in to other apps, export their Bitmoji and post information from elsewhere direct in the Snapchat app. This is really a big launch to compete with social media giants Facebook and Google.

Snap Kit offers new features to developers to integrate into their own apps. With this new tool, you may create personalized filters, stickers and lenses that can be shared on Snapchat. It provides the sort of internet infrastructure more commonly the domain of large data-driven firms such as Google and Facebook. Users who log in using their Snapchat account will only share their Snapchat username with the service.


Moreover, Snap Kit will allow people log in to other apps using their Snapchat username, like “Login with Facebook” and keep an eye to protect user data. Apart from that, it has Bitmoji Kit that allows you to use your personalized Snapchat avatar and other Bitmoji stickers in other apps.

Additionally, Snapchat will keep private intimate data shared with Snapchat, such as friend lists, ad profiles and other information. Also if a user doesn’t use the app within 3 months, Snap will disconnect the account from logins and every single application signed in with Snapchat username will be reviewed.

According to Snap vice-president, Jacob Andreou “Snap Kit is a set of developer tools that really allow people to take the best parts of our products and the standards that we’ve set in a few of these areas.” He stated more related to user data privacy “Privacy and security have really been at the centre of everything we’ve done throughout the lifetime of the company.”


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