The latest version of Firefox for virtual reality

The latest version of Firefox for virtual reality

A month ago, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox for virtual and augmented reality. This latest update is specially designed for headsets. Firefox used their existing web technology and combined with Servo to build this update. After having this update, Mozilla works as a cross-platform, open source, and privacy-friendly browser.

Why you should have this latest update of Firefox?

Firefox is the first open cross platform that launched virtual reality.Earlier browser was device and platform specific but Firefox Reality makes it completely independent that works on a wide variety of devices and platforms.

Firefox is the only open source browser for mixed reality.

Firefox Reality is an open source that is very easy for manufacturers to add the browser to their platform and provides a transparency level.

This is a browser rebuilt for speed.

Every browser needs regular updates to enhance their speed. Similarly, Mozilla released this update to speed up user experience, especially for mixed reality headsets.

Firefox is designed for future.

Mixed reality is the Wild West. There can be many examples like, how do you type? How do you express emotions? How do you view the billions of existing 2D web pages as well as new 3D content? How do you communicate? Who maps the world and who controls what you see? Can we build on our work with voice recognition and connected devices to create a better browsing experience? Everything is new again, and Mozilla is constantly building and experimenting to find the right answers.

Browsers are the future of mixed reality.

Firefox is the first browser to create WebVR and provides an open standard to sharing and enjoy virtual reality content via a web URL. Basically, it works for creating and delivering immersive experiences using a method that is as simple as opening a web page.


Enjoy this new and exciting version of Firefox!


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