How To

How to use Launchpad on your Mac

October 26, 2018| Reading Time: 3 minutes

Launcher is one of the most known features in iOS devices; similarly it is available as Launch Pad in Mac. Launchpad is an easy way to find and open apps…


How to enable and use AirDrop for your Mac

October 23, 2018| Reading Time: 3 minutes

AirDrop is the best and quick way to share documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. With AirDrop, you may…

How To

How to view system logs on your Mac

August 20, 2018| Reading Time: 4 minutes

Mac stores System logs that help you to troubleshoot and fix the issues on your Mac and installed apps. These files contain events that are logged by your Mac OS…