5 Best Parental Control Apps for iOS And Android in 2019


In this digital era, Smartphone addiction is increasing day by day, which is not good after a point of time. Smartphone has every feature that attracts kid to play games, watch videos or etc. However, Smartphones are helpful to enhance their brain but only when they access relevant stuff. In this internet world, everything is available on web and accessible without any restrictions. In this scenario, you want to keep your child away from irrelevant stuff. There are many Parental Control Apps are available for iOS and Android that helps you to limit their mobile usage when it comes to studying, dining, the content they are browsing and who they are communicating with. And keep your child away from unwanted stuff. Here we will provide you a list of the 10 best Parental Control Apps for iOS and Android devices.

1. Norton Family

Norton Family is one of the most powerful Parental Control Apps that helps you protect your kids from online predators, so they can enjoy their connected world safely. With this software, you may monitor your kids activities like which website they are visiting and then block harmful or inappropriate content to create a safe web environment for your kids to explore. It is the best tool to schedule screen time limits to balance the time your kids spent online.  Moreover, it provides insights into the search terms and videos that interest your kids and flags unsafe behavior so you can discuss it with them.

Norton Family helps your children avoid giving out sensitive personal information when online, including phone number, address, school they attend, or email address. Its instant lock feature helps you to lock the device for specific time, so they can re-focus, or join the family at dinner.  If you want you may lock individual devices using PIN.I t allows you and your kids to contact each other while the device is in lock mode.


Norton Family


You may download Norton Family from here.

2. Unglue

If your child is addicted to Smartphone, Unglue is one of the best apps that help you to give your kids the power to learn healthier habits in your limited boundaries. With this software, you may manage your family by preventing them from accessing endless distractions online such as social media, videos, games & social media. All you need to do is just install the software on your child’s phone and then configure settings accordingly. With Unglue, your child or family can track their own screen time, check their schedules, earn more time by doing chores, and even roll over unused minutes for another day. This is the best tool to set the limits on content and time. It keeps your child active by providing an easy way to get your kids up and out of the house.




You may download Unglue from here.

3. Qustodio

Qustodio is the best free parental control app which is designed to monitor, manage and protect your child’s Smartphone use on the go. With online dashboard and Parents app, you may see how your child uses devices, apps and the web. Moreover, you may easily set healthy limits to manage your child’s online experience. It is based on the powerful filtering technology that is automatically enabled to protect your child from harmful content. Qustodio is one of the best apps to protect your kids against the growing number of serious online threats such as viewing inappropriate content, cyberpredators, cyberbullying and screen addiction.




You may download Qustodio from here.

4. FamilyTime

Do you want to what your kids are accessing on their device? If yes then FamilyTime is your ultimate parenting aide that will keep you informed on your children’s whereabouts and allows you to manage screen time and block apps on their phones with just a tap. FamilyTime allows you to limit device access in specific hours to make sure your kids concentrate on their work.  Additionally, it has smart bed time controls that help you to limit screen time on their devices during night hours. You may lock the device so that they can focus on their homework.




You may download FamilyTime from here.

5. Kidslox

Last but not least, Kidslox is one of the most effective Parental Control Apps. With this software, you may block apps, block internet and filter web content with ease. One account is enough to monitor and protect as many iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones and tablets and other mobile devices as you have in your family. It is the best way to prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate stuff on their Smartphones. Moreover, you may lock apps remotely from your own mobile device or from the desktop using the Kidslox web app or desktop companion apps.



You may download Kidslox from here.

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