5 best free email clients for Mac in 2019


Apple provides a pre-installed email client – Mail which is always on priority for every Mac user. However, you might want to try some free email clients on your Mac, here is a list of the 5 best email clients that you may use on your Mac. If you are not happy with the old interface or design of Apple Mail, you may try any of these best free alternatives.

1. Mail

The Mail application comes preinstalled with every mac and provides an easy interface to handle your emails. Its rich features make your email handling hassle free. It offers the best way to handle all your email accounts in one place. It is t is also preconfigured to work with all the famous email providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Outlook and iCloud and it supports Exchange. Besides that, it offers ability to configure the software to receive all of a user’s email accounts in the one list, ability to search for emails, ability to file emails into folders, and ability to automatically add your digital signatures to outgoing emails.



2. Mailspring

Mailspring is one of the best Apple Mail alternatives for Mac. It helps you to be more productive by enhancing email handling on your Mac. Its free subscription provides you a clean, highly productive and expandable email interface that is awesome to link and open tracking, quick reply templates, and undo send. However, you may manage up to 10 accounts with its free edition. Besides that, It has a beautiful signature editor that helps you to create custom signatures, complete with images and links to social media profiles with ease.




You may download Mailspring from here.

3. Spark

Spark is the another most popular email application that auto-manages your inboxes and allows you to postpone email easily as well as send quick one-click replies. It is a smart utility that offers email prioritization, noise reduction, and the most advanced email tools at your disposal. It has a schedule feature that allows you to schedule a particular message to get your email sent. You may select from times later today, in the evening, tomorrow, or on any date. Moreover, it bubbles important messages that are important to the top of the screen. It is the best utility to pin and reply email messages quickly.




You may download Spark from here.

4. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is one of the best free email applications that are easy to configure and customize on your Mac. Earlier, you required your IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings but now, it prompts you to just add your name, email address, and password and then automatically finds the email settings for you. It allows you to sign up with an email address within and it will all be set up automatically for you ready to send and receive emails right from your Mac. Plus, it ensures you a privacy by blocking remote images attached in email messages.


Mozilla Thunderbird


You may download Mozilla Thunderbird from here.

5. AirMail

Airmail is newly designed mail client that provides fast performance and intuitive interaction. You may use this email client to manage emails of iCloud™, MS Exchange, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!™, Google™ Apps, AOL™, Outlook.com™, and Live.com™. With this utility, you may login and handle your all account from one account. Airmail is a perfect platform to get your emails without interruption. Airmail has elegant interface and full support for all major email services. Moreover, you may also switch between accounts in a flash and quickly reply to incoming messages within seconds.




You may download AirMail from here.

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