5 Best Siri Shortcuts that you should add to your iOS device in 2019


With iOS12, Apple added Siri Shortcuts, a new feature that provides a quick access to your daily activities or to apps that you use most on your iOS device. With this new feature, Siri determines your daily activities across your apps and then starts giving an easy and quick way to perform common tasks right from search or lock screen. In order to use this feature, locate Add to Siri button in your favorite apps and tap to add with your customized phrase. Alternatively, you may also find all the available shortcuts from your device settings. If you want to increase your productivity, there is a list of 5 best Siri Shortcuts that you should add to your iOS device.

1. Remind Me at Work

Remind Me at Work is one of the most important and Apple’s ready-made shortcuts. While adding this shortcut, you need to enter work address. After that, whenever you set any reminder that relates with the address you entered this shortcut will automatically trigger as soon as you reach at that location. Whether it’s an alert you want when you arrive at home or at work, sometimes it is really important to get a location reminder to perform some important tasks.
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2. Police

As name suggests, this shortcut is used to call police when you urgently need it in any emergency. With this shortcut, you may also record a short video and share it to your contacts. want to record a video of a situation you find yourself in and send it immediately to a pre-programmed contact. All you need to say to Siri “I’m getting pulled over” switches on the front camera, starts recording a video, then sends that video to a specific contact. It is a perfect tool to capture the moment in a situation to collect an evidence.
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3. Keep Me Alive

Keep Me Alive is also an important Shortcuts that you should add to save power. While iOS has its own built-in low power mode, Keep Me Alive disables everything and it helps you to keep your phone running until put it on charging. Keep Me Alive automatically disables Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, music, the sound and reduces all the brightness. Also, it enables low power mode and stops music to keep your device awake.

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4. Download YouTube Videos

By adding this shortcut to your iOS device, you may easily download YouTube videos in your iOS device. The shortcut can be activated in the YouTube app using the share sheet. Once video is downloaded, you may save it to Photos app or share it to video streaming app such as VLC player. It is a perfect and quick way to re-order video qualities.

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5. Back Up Your Shortcuts

If you want to keep all the added shortcuts saved in iCloud Drive, it is the best Siri Shortcut that back up your Shortcuts in iCloud Drive. It is really helpful when you have a long list of key Shortcuts in your iOS device. By using this perfect Siri shortcut, you may save all of your shortcuts in iCloud Drive.

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