5 best websites to download dynamic wallpapers for macOS Mojave


With macOS Mojave, Apple added a new dynamic wallpaper feature to every Mac. Dynamic wallpaper is one of the coolest features introduced with macOS Mojave. Unlike static image, dynamic wallpapers keep changing throughout the day and reflecting the time of day. Unfortunately, Mac provides some limited pre-installed dynamic wallpapers. But now, you may find some new dynamic wallpapers and set them on your Mac screen, here is a list of the 5 best websites from where you may download new dynamic wallpapers for your Mac running macOS Mojave.

1. Dynwalls

If you are looking for a right place to find some unique and amazing dynamic wallpapers, Dynwalls may be one of the best websites that contains free and easy to use dynamic wallpapers. It provides variety of wallpapers ranging from space-based imagery to cities on Earth. From this website, you may easily download dynamic wallpaper and use it on your Mac. All you need to do is just find the wallpaper you want to use, click download, doing so will save the downloaded wallpaper on your Mac. In order to use the downloaded wallpaper, go to macOS Mojave System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver >Select Desktop Pictures folder > Select Mojave Wallpaper and then set it to Dynamic.




You may access Dynwalls from here.

2. Jetson Creative

The Jenson Creative is another website that offers just four new dynamic wallpapers to download on your Mac. These four wallpapers are based of the a 24-hour view of San Francisco, a view from the International Space Station, a view of the High Sierras and a 24-hour view of midtown Manhattan in New York City. These wallpapers are available to only work with macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina have half as many frames. Besides that, you may download 24 Hour Wallpaper app to explore 50 more wallpapers for your Mac.


Jetson Creative


You may access Jetson Creative from here.

3. Dynamic Wallpaper Club

Dynamic Wallpaper Club is one of the exclusive platforms to download Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS Mojave. With its easy, flexible and online Dynamic Wallpaper Engine, you may not only search variety of Dynamic Wallpapers but also create your wallpapers for macOS Mojave. It is a perfect place to create wallpapers or browse the gallery to find a wallpaper that fit best to your choice. Moreover, it also allows you to share your wallpapers with the community or add creations of others to your wallpaper gallery.


Dynamic Wallpaper Club


You may access Dynamic Wallpaper Club from here.

4. GenoApps

The websites you explored above are full of dynamic wallpapers but still you are discovering more wallpapers, GenoApps is also a website that allows you to download dynamic wallpapers on your Mac. It has a collection of wallpapers based on science and space. The first two wallpapers on this website are a satellite view of the earth. Both wallpapers are designed for the American Pacific time zone, so if you’re not in the North American west coast you will see the Earth not that properly synced with your time.




You may access GenoApps from here.

5. ITnext

ITnext has only one dynamic wallpaper but it has a great series of articles explaining how Apple’s dynamic wallpapers work. This single wallpaper shows a single view of the Earth, starting in darkness, passing through light, and returning to dark. Yes, it is just one view, but it’s beautiful enough that it’s definitely worth adding to your wallpaper collection.




You may access ITnext from here.

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