What to do when Safari keeps crashing on your Mac


Safari is Apple’s built in and most preferred browser. This powerful browser is being used by all Apple users on their Mac, iPhone or iPad. However, Apple always keeps updating and improving but then also it may freeze or crash while using on your system. The large amount of open tabs or windows, overloaded browsing, outdated extensions and plugins, many installed applications, cache, cookies and history are the possible reasons that may cause safari crashes. When Safari gets crashed, you will be prompted to force quit and restart it.

If safari keeps crashing very frequently on your Mac, you may easily fix it by following the below given steps:

  • You may wait for a minute because sometimes this issue goes away after a minute automatically. You may also close background applications to assist in this process but if you want to wait then you may skip to next step.
  • Close all open tabs. First close the web pages that have heavy ads, they are often the main reason of Safari slow issues and reduce your Mac performance as well.
  • You may also force quit Safari by Control + Mouse clicking the Safari icon in the dock and then selecting “Quit” or “Force Quit”.




If your entire Mac is frozen with Safari, hold the power button for three seconds until the screen goes dark and press the power button again to restart your computer.

  • Check whether your Safari is up to date or not by opening the app and then go to the top right and select Safari> About Safari.




Here, you can see the Safari version, if it is old version then update it to latest version.

  • To fix this issue, go to “History” and then click “Clear History and Website Data”. The cache is a location on your Mac that Safari stores information in to load some contents more quickly. This cache storage is temporary but it may also freeze your browser and system.
  • In next pop up appears, select “All History” for best results. This will remove the cache and avoid sudden Safari crashes. It is better to clear cache and history daily to keep Safari in good condition.




  • To clear lagging extensions, go to SAFARI > PREFERENCES and then find the “Extensions” tab. Here, you can see a list of third-party extensions that you enabled or installed in Safari. You may click “Uninstall” button to remove any extensions and you don’t use and uncheck the “Enable” box for any plugins that you use only sometimes.
  • If you are suspicious about particular extension, you may uninstall and re install to fix the issue.
  • If startup drive is running out of space, it may also cause freezing issue. To avoid it, you may install third party cleaning application to run a quick scan of your Mac and clear out clutters and system junk.


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