How to change homepage in Safari browser on your Mac


How to set a new homepage in Safari on your Mac?

Safari is a default browser that comes with every Mac or iOS device. After using the same settings for long time, you might have thought to bring some changes to your Safari browser interface. If you did not find any way to make your browser interface interesting, here we will provide you some easy steps to change your homepage and give a personal touch to Safari. If you ever found your Safari browser’s homepage monotonous, now you may easily make it interesting by changing homepage in Safari browser on your Mac.

On Safari homepage, you may use an image or set any webpage by following the below given steps:

  • To use an image as home page, open Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Click Safari >Preferences and then select “General” tab.
  • In the Homepage field, enter a web page address.To simply use the web page you’re currently seeing, click “Set to Current Page.”




  • Finally, you may see that the selected image is set as your Safari Homepage.
  • To set any webpage as Safari homepage, open Safari on your Mac
  • Click on Safari menu and then select “Preferences.” Make sure the General tab is checked.
  • Now, copy the link of the webpage and paste it in the Homepage text field.
  • You may select to customize when your homepage is shown. Do note that it works good for both an image and a webpage.
  • Click “New tabs” option open with a drop-down menu and select the Homepage.
  • Finally, quit the settings window to apply the changes you made.

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