How to enable “Prevent cross-site tracking” setting in Safari on Mac or iOS device


With macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, Apple added “Prevent cross site tracking feature” to Safari. This feature was added to keep the best user data security and privacy. There are many websites that use third-party content providers. You may stop third-party content providers from tracking you across websites to advertise many products and services. When you visit any website, it automatically gathers data about your device including your system configuration and the other information or data available on that specific web page. To prevent cross site tracking, you may reduce the ability of trackers to uniquely identify your device. Let’s learn how to stop cross – site tracking in Safari on your iOS device or Mac.

How to stop cross-site tracking in Safari on Mac?

You may easily prevent cross -site tracking in Safari on your Mac, follow these steps:
• Open Safari app on your Mac
• Head to Safari > Preferences from the menu bar
• Select the Privacy tab and then check “Prevent cross-site tracking.”


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Usually, Social media sites put Share, Like or Comment buttons on other websites to track your web browsing- even if you don’t use them. By enabling “Prevent cross-site tracking” option, you may block that tracking in Safari. If you still want to use the buttons, you will be prompted to allow the site to view your activities on the other websites.

How to stop cross-site tracking in Safari on your iOS device?

You may also enable the Prevent cross-site tracking setting on your iPhone and iPad follow these steps:
• On your iOS device, go to “Settings” and then tap “Safari.”
• On the screen appears, enable “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.”




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