How to create and send your own custom Whatsapp sticker packs


How to create  and send your own custom stickers on Whatsapp?

After emoji, Stickers are the latest craze on the popular multimedia messaging apps. This feature is more creative and personalizes than emoji, you may share stickers with your family and friends in form of images, sketches or even graphics. By using stickers while conversation, users can express themselves in better way. Earlier this feature was available only on Hike and Telegram but now Whatsapp has also added this amazing feature in the latest update. Apart from using Stickers feature in Whatsapp, you may also create and use your own custom Whatsapp stickers. Although you may require some third party applications to create custom sticker packs, we will provide you a short guide to create your own sticker packs in Whatsapp on your Smartphone.

Before getting started, make sure that your Whatsapp is updated to the latest version 2.18 or above and your device has consistent internet connectivity. Now, you may create and send your own custom Whatsapp stickers by following the below given steps:

  • First of all, open your Smartphone’s camera and click your pictures with expressions.
  • Now, you need to convert them in to PNG format with no background.
  • In order to do that, open Google Play Store and search for any background remover application.
  • Now open any picture you want to convert in to Sticker, erase its background and crop it accordingly.
  • Save the edited picture in PNG format.
  • Similarly edit at least three pictures, as Whatsapp will not allow you to add Stickers pack with less than three pictures.
  • After completing the above given steps, download app called “Personal Stickers for WhatsApp” from Google Play Store.
  • Once app is installed, open it.
  • The app will automatically detect the pictures you created or you may create the sticker by tapping More > Create sticker Pack on the top right corner of the screen. Also you may search for stickers on web.




  • Tap on the “Add” button located with the sticker.
  • If asked, tap on the “Add” button again.

After following the above steps, open Whatsapp and go to Stickers section by tapping on emoji icon from the left of the text box. Tap on the Stickers option, find your sticker and tap on it to send.

How to create your own stickers pack for Whatsapp so that other users can use them?

If you want to create your own custom Whatsapp stickers, you may create and package them in an Android or iOS app and publish your own sticker app like any other app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After downloading and installing your app, users will be able to start sending those stickers right away from within Whatsapp interface. You may build your own Sticker app with minimal development or coding experience.

To create the Whatsapp sticker pack you need to meet the following requirement.

  • Each sticker is an image with no background.
  • Stickers must be exactly 512×512 pixels.
  • Sticker size must be less than 100 KB.
  • Moreover, you may also use the image to represent your Stickers pack icon in Whatsapp sticker tray. This image should be 96×96 pixels and must be less than 50 KB.
  • There should be a 16-pixel margin between the actual sticker image and the edge of the 512×512 pixel canvas while designing the sticker.

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