How to Create Anonymous Email Account

How to Create Anonymous Email Account

Why do you want to set up an email account that is completely nameless and unidentifiable? There are many reasons to create an anonymous email account. Some obvious reasons many be you are worried of providing personal details when you are registering for an email address, or you just want to remain private. For some of us, being anonymous is more important than ever. Creating anonymous email account is one of the effective ways to establish your security on the web.

There are some services you may use to create truly nameless and unidentified email account. We are listing them below:

1. Hushmail:

Hushmail is one of the most popular web based email service provider and supporter of encrypted web mail service. It is very simple to access anonymous email account, does not include advertising and has default encryption between members. To enable this service, you need to pay for it to access on the web, starting at $49.98 per year for 10GB of online storage; a free version offers 25MB of storage. You can use this service for personal and business purposes. It can be accessed from here.


2. Guerrilla Mail:

If you don’t want to use real email address, Guerrilla Mail provides you a temporary and disposable email. Any messages received at email address can be seen only from Guerrilla Mail and messages remain saved there only for an hour. It provides scrambled email address which can easily copied to clipboard. You can also use domain name which is optional.

Guerrilla Mail is the best way to create an anonymous email or to send unknown email quickly – No login is required and files can be attached to mail with a limitation of 150 MB file size. It is available here.

 3. Mailinator:

Mailinator is simply designed free disposable email service. It has millions of public email boxes and you can use any of them. You can make email address using any random name and twig @ at the end. Once created, you can visit their website and enter the created name to see received messages. It does not require sign in credentials. You can get instant access by just entering one name. You may pay $29/month to get 10 MB storage for your private inbox.You can access Mailinator from here.


4. Email on Deck: is the premier site for all things relating to temporary, disposable and throwaway email addresses. It has two-steps process to get a free email for receiving messages at Email on Deck. In the first step, you need to enter CAPTCHA code to ensure that you are human being, not a web based robot. In the second step, it randomly assigns you a complicated email address. If you do not like it, you can opt to get another email. Such email accounts are temporary and you can only access them for an hour or two to help protect your online privacy. You can get Email on deck from here.

5. TorGuard Email:

TorGuard Email is a global VPN service and has encrypted web-mail service which makes it easy to manage you email privacy online. You can use this service to create anonymous email account for free and get 10 MB free inbox storage. You need to pay $49.95/year to enable unlimited storage. You can use these services for marketing or advertising purpose and your email remains private all the way. TorGuard email provides some pro features such as, easy key storage, calendar, tasks, notes, bulk import, advanced search and more. TorGuard Email is available here.


6. allows you to create disposable email addresses easily. It is free service to forward limited numbers of emails but you may enable unlimited email forwarding by paying $12.99/year. This website has a central address manager interface where you can manage each disposable TrashMail address. Email addresses last for the unlimited time and you can filter incoming messages by CAPTCHA system. After a TrashMail address has been deleted, the TrashMail address name will be reserved for 365 days for the real email address from which it was used last time, before it is released to be used by others. It has 16 default domain names but if you have your own domain, you are free to use that as well. You can directly access from here.


7. ProtonMail over Tor:

ProtonMail is the best and free software that provides fully encrypted anonymous communication. It is the easiest way to use secure email service that respects internet privacy and secures against cyber attacks. There is no cost to enable this service which holds 500 MB data storage and 150 messages per day. Plus, you can pay € 4/month to access advanced features. You get full instructions to set up Proton Mail on your computer. No personal information is required to create your secure email address. It does not keep your IP log links and even supports Two Factor Authentication.








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