How to export your password and login details from Google Chrome


If you want to switch from Google Chrome to new browser and want to backup all the saved credentials such as Username and Password, you may easily export your saved passwords with their login details. Recently, Google added this feature in the latest version of Google Chrome. Like contacts, you may export all your saved login details in .CSV file and then easily transfer them on new browser. Let’s learn how to export your password and login details from Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has efficient way to export the login details, follow the below given steps to do that:

  • Before doing that, make sure you are using latest version of Google chrome (version 66) if it is not, then update the Google Chrome browser.
  • Once Google Chrome is updated, open in on your PC or Mac.
  • In the top right corner, click “Three-horizontal dots.”
  • Go to “Settings.”




  • Scroll down and click “Advanced.




  • Now locate “Manage passwords” in Password and forms section.




  • In the Manage passwords section, click “Three horizontal lines.”
  • Click “Export passwords.”





  • Again click “Export passwords” in the popup window.




  • Now, you need to verify your identity by entering your login credentials of your PC or Mac.
  • Choose the location and click on save to successfully export all your passwords.




Once password and login detail’s .CSV file is saved, you may access it using Google spreadsheet and also make sure to keep the exported file in a safe location as the exported .CSV file is not password protected and it can be accessed by anyone.


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