How to fix messages that are stuck in the Outbox


What to do if messages are stuck in the Outbox?

If you are using Microsoft outlook, sometimes you might noticed that your emails are stuck in outbox. Email messages may be stuck in the Outbox folder for various reasons but the most common cause is a large attachment. Let’s learn how to fix messages that are stuck in outbox.

You may easily fix this issue by following the below given steps:

  • Open Microsoft outlook on your windows computer.
  • Select Send/Receive and click “Work Offline.”




  • Click “Outlook” in the Navigation Pane.




  • Now, you may select and delete the message or drag the message to your drafts folder, double-click to open the message, delete the attachment.
  • If you are getting any error like “Outlook is trying to transmit the message” close Outlook. It may take a few moments to exit.
  • Once outlook is closed, reopen it and follow the above process again.
  • After removing the attachments or massages, click Send/Receive > Work Offline to uncheck the button and resume working online.
  • Once your enabled work online, click “Send All.”




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