How to increase Safari’s Privacy and Security level on iPhone


How to  increase Safari’s Privacy and Security level on iPhone ?

If you are an iPhone user you may use Safari as your main web browser despite the wide range of third-party alternatives available in the App Store, but there is always a slight element of danger whether it is virus or identity theft. But Apple provides you a number of privacy options for using Safari on your device to keep your information safe. Let’s learn how you may have more control over your privacy and security while using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

  • First of all, open your iPhone “Settings” click “Safari” and then scroll down to the “Privacy & Security” section.
  • Now you find six different settings here to customize the privacy and security settings for Safari browser.





1. Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

In order to serve you targeted ads, some websites use third-party services to trace your access over the internet. By enabling this setting, Safari regularly deletes tracking data unless you open that third-party website directly.

2. Block All Cookies

Cookies are little files that track your login credentials and keep you logged into websites. To enhance the secure and privacy level of your browser, consider limiting cookies but some websites require them. You should keep this option ON just in case you are worried of these sites that might try to steal your information.

3. Ask Websites Not to Track Me

After enabling this setting,every time you visit a website,Safari initiates a Do Not Track request with the site. If you are concerned about your privacy, it may worth turning on this setting but remember it might not do much on some websites.

4. Fraudulent Website Warning

Sometimes, Safari can alert you when you are about to visit is a known fraudulent website. You should keep this option enabled just in case you thought of these sites that might access and misuse your private information.

5. Camera & Microphone Access

Some social media web apps like video chat apps ask to access your phone’s camera and microphone to work. By enabling this setting, you automatically permit them to access. You should keep it disabled and use this setting as per your need.

6. Check for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an option to make purchase on some online stores. By enabling this setting, online stores can check if you are browsing on your iPhone and can confirm purchases using Touch ID or Face ID.


By keeping eye on your personal settings, you may prevent your personal information from being tracked.


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