How to reduce your file size in Office2016 or 365 for Mac


Most of us store a large number of documents, pictures and files. The large file size may occupy the complete hard disk storage very quickly.  In such a case, you may reduce the file size and save disk storage by compressing pictures in your document. You may compress the files and reduce both the file size and picture dimensions as you want to use the picture. Moreover, you may compress all pictures at a time or the just one you selected. Sometimes the image can be changed slightly after compression.

To compress pictures in Word or Excel or PowerPoint

While creating a document in Word, you may compress the files to reduce the document size, follow the below given steps to do that:

  • If you want to compress all the files, go to the “File”menu and select “Reduce File Size”. If your file is saved in .doc format, you will not be allowed to reduce the file size, in order to use this option, you need to save your folder in .docx file format.
  • Next, on the Picture Quality pop up appears, select the below given options:
  • To compress a picture for printing, select “Best for printing (220 ppi).”
  • To view the picture on screen, select “Best for viewing on screen (150 ppi).”
  • To send a picture in an e-mail message, select “Best for sending in e-mail (96 ppi).”
  • To Keep the current resolution and minimize the changes to the picture, select “Keep current resolution.”
  • If you want to compress a single picture, click a picture that you want to compress, click the “Format Picture” tab, and then click “Compress pictures.”




  • Then, select the option from the “Picture Quality” menu, as per your need.




By following the above given option, you may easily compress the file size while using Word, Excel and PowerPoint and then store them to hard drive.

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