How to view your Snapchat stories from past months


How to view your old Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications that help you to share photos and stories with your family members and friends. If you are using Snapchat since long time, you might observe that your stories and photos get disappeared after the specific time. This makes you upset when you really posted something amazing and unable to view it again. Fortunately, there are some chances on Android devices to view old Snapchat stories . Let’s learn how to view your old Snapchat stories.

You may easily view old Snapchat stories, follow the below given steps to do that:

  • In order to do that, you need to download a file manager if your device does not have it by default.
  • After downloading and installing file manager, locate the “snapchat.androidfolder.
  • Here, you can see a folder named “received_images_snaps.”
  • Open this folder and you can view snaps that were shared with you in past months.

Apart from that, if you tap on the “Save” button while watching any story; you may find it in camera roll. You need to configure some settings on your device to save your stories automatically on camera roll; you may find these settings in both iPhone and android device.

Follow the below given steps to configure the settings:

  • Tap on your profile icon on the top left corner. Doing so will be redirected you to profile page.
  • Now tap “Settings” on the top right corner.
  • On the settings page, scroll down to “Memories” and tap on it.




  • Now enable “Auto-save my story.” You may select if you want to save your stories to camera roll or to memories.




  • Once your settings are configured, your stories will automatically be saved and you may easily view them in the camera roll folder or the memories.


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