5 best high dynamic range (HDR) software for Mac in 2019


If you want to capture a perfect shot on your Mac, you may use HDR software that helps you to capture the true depth of imagery, and present it to people. Some of these tools a real range of creative possibility and provides the opportunity to edit and generate enhanced, natural images or more creative images. If you are wondering for the best HDR software for Mac, here we will provide you a list of the best 5 HDR software for your Mac.

1. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is one the best tool to capture perfect pictures on your Mac. With this tool, you may automatically recognize noise on your HDR Photos and intelligently removes it, retaining the excellent quality of every detail. It is very simple to enhance clarity on your HDR images, adding localized contrast only where required, without editing the whole photo. It is designed with artificial intelligence that helps you to get eye-popping depth & details on the picture, which is noise-free, halo-free and full of life.


Aurora HDR


You may download Aurora HDR from here.

2. Machinery HDR

Machinery HDR Effects has a set of tools for adding advanced polishing effect to your images.  It has various predefined settings that allow you to achieve professional HDR effects with just a single click of the mouse. Moreover, Machinery HDR software is very simple to use and creates amazing effects. You may use this tool easily to achieve dazzling effects even from a single image saved in JPG format, even if you are not an expert.


Machinery HDR


You may download Machinery HDR from here.

3. EasyHDR

If you want to make High Dynamic Range photography easy, EasyHDR is one of the best photo editing tools that merge several differently exposed photographs. Its tone mapping algorithms provides or dramatic HDR results. With this tool, you may develop RAWs from all cameras and enhance a single RAW or JPEG image. Additionally, it corrects white balance during tone mapping and offers live preview while working with full resolution of the photo. While working with layers, you may define different tone mapping parameters for various areas of the photo.




You may download EasyHDR from here.

4. Oloneo HDR

Oloneo HDR is a powerful tool that offers full control over light and exposure in real-time, as if they were still behind the lens. It has 32-bit floating-point per channel, High Dynamic Range (HDR), ultra-wide gamut, full resolution and non-destructive image-editing engine. Oloneo’s color model handles a range of colors which are famous and capable of displaying today. It is a perfect combination of any color shifting and clipping and provide best image clarity without any loss of image data during the HDR process. With its intuitive and responsive user interface, image controls that work in full real-time at a rate of 1/20 second or less on your Mac.


Oloneo HDR


You may download Oloneo HDR from here.

5. HDR Darkroom

If you are looking for multiple HDR styles, HDR Darkroom offers 16 different HDR Styles to for more editing options. With this tool, you may modify the look of you image, from realistic to artistic to futuristic. Moreover, you may also modify them and save your own custom styles. By using its Tone Mapping technology, you may create the most spectacular photo-realistic results just in few seconds.  Moreover, you may get more advanced results with Tone Mapping parameters. HDR Darkroom provides you all the best photo editing tools, from exposure, contrast, and saturation to more advanced features like curves and lens changes.


HDR Darkroom


You may download HDR Darkroom from here.

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