6 essential tools you should have on your Mac in 2019


Mac is a vastly used computer designed by Apple Inc. macOS is the operating system that powers every Apple computer. It has unique functionality that allows you to perform things you simply can’t with other computers. Every mac comes with a complete suite of beautifully designed Security, Privacy, Firewall and other apps. It has iCloud account that keeps your photos, documents and other stuff synced on all your devices. However, Apple designed Mac by keeping the user needs on mind but still there are other functionalities that you may add to achieve an amazing Mac user experience. If you are wondering for the best utilities that helps you to keep your system optimized and organized, here is a list of the 6 most essential tool you always require on your computer.

1. Wise Mac care

If you want to make your system clutter free and managed, Wise Mac care is the most powerful tool that helps you to remove all kinds of junk files to free up more space for your Mac. With this tool, you may free up your Mac hard disk and give your more space to enhance your system performance. It is very helpful for Mac users with smaller SSD hard disks. It is the best memory optimization tool that free up inactive memory for a faster running Mac. It provides deep clean memory for smoother and faster Mac Performance. It is an essential utility for optimizing or managing startup items on your Mac. Wise Mac Care is very simple to use, you need to just download and perform basic cleanup and maintenance for free to keep your Mac optimized and healthy.




You may download Wise Mac care from here.

2. Duplicate Files Sweeper

If you unknowingly stored duplicate files on your Mac, Duplicate Files Sweeper is the best Duplicate Files cleaning tool that help you get rid of duplicate files from your Mac with ease. Duplicate Files Sweeper helps you give a thorough scan to your Mac to look for duplicate files, photos, videos, music, archives and even duplicate Apps that may be disorganized in various folders on your Mac. By removing the large number of Duplicate Files, you may also free up the unnecessary occupied space. This simple Duplicate files finder and remover is the best utility that helps you to find and delete all the duplicate files from your Mac, easily in just a few clicks. Moreover, you may keep an original copy you want and delete the rest of duplicate files to recover space. By finding and removing duplicates files, you may experience the clutter free and fast mac performance.


Duplicate Files Sweeper


You may download Duplicate Files Sweeper from here.

3. Duplicate Photos Sweeper

If your Mac is cluttered with multiple unwanted, duplicate and similar Photos, Duplicates Photos Sweeper is the simplest and easiest tool that helps you to easily find and remove duplicate and similar photos from your Mac. Even if you are not a tech tech savvy, you may easily search duplicate photos or similar photos on a Mac system and can remove them with just a click. Duplicate and Similar photos may occupy bulk storage space on your Mac, and you may not even know about the unnecessary space occupied by them. It offers the best way to keep your priceless memories organized. It is the best tool that prevents from performing a tedious job to find and remove duplicate photos on your Mac.


Duplicate Photos SweepOff


You may download Duplicate Photos Sweeper from here.

4. Exif Studio

Exif Studio is the best metadata editing tool that help you edit EXIF, IPTC, GPS & XMP metadata of several photos or images in just a few clicks. By using this utility, you may easily select photos, folders with images or the Photos Library into the application and list all images. After adding the pictures, you may edit image’s EXIF metadata, IPTC metadata, XMP metadata and GPS metadata. It is a perfect utility for editing metadata for photos in batch. Moreover, you may also apply metadata values or modifications to a group or batch of Photos with just a click. Apart from editing exif data, you may also remove the metadata information of your photos in entirety. Plus, you can also clean user comments, GPS information, EXIF data individually as well.


EXIF Studio - Metadata Editor


You may download Exif Studio from here.

5. Files shredder

Files shredder keeps your system optimized by securely deleting files & folders from your Mac System, permanently, to keep sensitive data impossible to recover. You may use this simple and safe intuitive tool to permanently wipes unwanted sensitive data from your Mac. It is the best utility that helps you permanently delete your important documents that you don’t require anymore and protect them against preying eyes. You may quickly launch “Files Shredder” app to Add Files and folders you want to delete securely to make them unrecoverable.


Files Shredder


You may download Files shredder from here.

6. Photos Resizer

If you are looking for the best tool for optimizing your images on Mac, Photos Resizer is a perfect utility to resize images in a batch. The application is designed like a wizard where you may use several editing tools to optimize your images with ease. However, you may also skip the functions that you don’t want to perform on the selected photos. You may use this powerful utility to crop Images, rotate Images, resize Images, rename Images, change format and optimize selective images. You may perform multiple operations on the batch of images in a sequence. One of the key benefits of this application is that you may process hundreds of images at once. It is the perfect tool for resizing images for social accounts, email or various graphic design projects.




You may download Photos Resizer from here.


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