Top 5 Xbox One accessories that provide you best gaming experience


Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the most efficient gaming consoles. Latest version of Xbox and its accessories are coming with wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and price ranges. You may have this exciting gaming console at reasonable price .This is really a nice gaming platform that may easily engage you for hours and still feel like just a few minutes have passed. If you already have Xbox one or planning to buy it, you may get confused while choosing the accessories. Here, we provide you the list of top Xbox one accessories that you may buy to enhance your gaming experience

1. Xbox One Media Remote Controller

If you ever used the Xbox One, you know that Xbox one is not just a gaming console but it is also an amazing media center where you can stream dozens of video and music apps and also has ability to play DVD, streaming video and Blu Ray movies.  Microsoft released Xbox Remote to provide a standard controlling for all of these features. If you really want simple and more convenient media control over Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Crunchyroll, WWE Network or any of the dozens of other available entertainment apps.  You should own this media remote.




2. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The Elite Controller is a powerful game-changer and it is highly preferred by most gamers due to the placement of the joysticks and its comfort. The Xbox One Elite controller provides high level gaming experience.  It has interchangeable sticks and triggers that bring an extra level of comfort to the controller and also added a swappable d-pad that you can put different tops on and a set of paddle buttons on the back of the controller that can be mapped to the face buttons.

All these advanced features to integrate one of the most efficient hardcore gaming controllers on the market that really can improve your game play, particularly in competitive shooters.




3. Xbox One ChatPad

Sometimes when you are playing games online in the multiplayer mode, voice messages are tough to hear because of background sounds of the game. At that time you may want to send text messages to your teammates. Typing with the help of a controller consumes a lot of time and you may end up with lose the game.  The Xbox One ChatPad is the best solution. The ChatPad is a little QWERTY keyboard that directly connects to the bottom of the Xbox One controller and lets you quickly and easily input text with your thumbs. It helps you to send messages to your friends while playing, search, browse the internet using Xbox one and easy to type complex and case sensitive redemption codes.




 4. Best Driving Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX

The Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel offers a fantastic racing experience while playing games like Forza Horizon 2, Forza Motorsport 6. It has a 900 degree circle that offers the same range an actual car. It is integrated with the complicated belt and pulley system to provide a smooth movement as you turn the wheel.The flappy paddles make gear changes a breeze but if paddles are not there it is also compatible with different Thrustmaster stick shifts. The pedals have just brake and accelerator options but the buttons on the wheel allow for easy clutch use.

This Wheel simply allows you to use clamp on the bottom so you can lock it in place when you are playing. This can be easily steered to navigate tracks, especially as you will not have to worry about the wheel moving with you.




5. Xbox Live Gold Membership

If you are a fond of new exciting video games, you should buy Xbox Live Gold Membership. It allows you to play game online on the company’s servers and expand your gaming horizon by letting you consume additional content. It has multiplayer and the free roam mode. If you have a live membership, Microsoft provides you an exciting range of games every week and every month.  The best thing about this membership is that you may select the time period for which you want the membership whether it is for a month or year.




Using the above given accessories you can play the Xbox one games on an advanced level and enhance your gaming experience.



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