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How to add, move and remove extensions for Micr...

December 3, 2018| Reading Time: 3 minutes

With Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft added extension feature in Edge. With this feature, you may install many browser extensions from Microsoft Store. Apart from adding extensions, you may also…

How To

How to use Microsoft Authenticator with Office 365

December 2, 2018| Reading Time: 4 minutes

How to set up Microsoft Authenticator for Office 365 logins authentication? If you set up two factor authentication for Office 365, you may easily authenticate Office 365 login credentials using…

How To

How to use a watermark to slides in PowerPoint

November 29, 2018| Reading Time: 4 minutes

A watermark is usually inserted to your content to prevent it from being copied by unauthorized people. Most of us use Microsoft Office PowerPoint to create presentation or project slides….