5 best Ad Blockers for Microsoft Edge browser in 2019


Microsoft Edge is a default browser that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 PC. Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is also popular for its faster and smoother user experience. While browsing in Microsoft Edge, there are higher chances of getting sudden Ad popups which may distract you from your important tasks. However, many advertisements can be useful for you. If you still don’t want these annoying ads while browsing websites in Microsoft browser, you may block them. Unfortunately, Microsoft edge does not have default ad blocking feature but you may do it by using the best third-party ad blocker in your browser. Here is a list of the 5 best ad blockers for Microsoft Edge in 2019.

1. AdBlock for Edge

If you are looking for the best browser tool or extension, AdBlock is one of the best add blockers that help you to bock annoying ads, including pop-ups, auto play video ads, and advertisements on your social media accounts and across the web. It is best tool to make the page loading faster and provide amazing browsing experience. With this freeware, you may customize AdBlock to personalize your web browsing by blocking trackers and preventing advertisers from following you online. It is a perfect utility for blocking annoying ads, save memory and boost browser speeds.


AdBlock for Edge


You may get AdBlock for Edge from here.

2. AdBlock Plus

If you want to experience a cleaner, faster browsing, AdBlock Plus is the best utility that helps you to block annoying ads in Microsoft Edge. It offers the perfect way to bid good bye to pop-ups, video ads, flashing banners and more. By blocking these annoying ads, you may get fast page loading speed. Blocking of these annoying ads reduces the risk of malware attacks stops companies from tracking your online activities.


Adblock Plus


You may get AdBlock Plus from here.

3. Adguard Ad Blocker

Adguard Ad Blocker is not only permanently removing all ads in Microsoft Edge, but will also providing a pleasant and safe web browsing experience. With this tool, you may keep your Edge browser ad free. Moreover, you may also block a specific element on the page with its special manual blocking feature. With Adguard, you may prevent your online activities from being tracked by malicious and phishing websites. You may easily get it, all you need to do is just go to AdGuard store page, click on the Install button and then wait for a few minutes to get it downloaded.


Adguard Ad Blocker


You may download Adguard Ad Blocker from here.

4. Adblocker ultimate

Adblocker ultimate is an easy and free ad blocker that helps you to block all annoying ads on the sites like YouTube commercials, add banners, pop-ups and more. Unlike other ad blockers, AdBlocker Ultimate doesn’t have any option to whitelist websites, ad networks or advertising agencies. Moreover, it has a special ability that can disable such tracking services immediately. Once Adblocker Ultimate is installed, you can be sure that your browsing is ad free and secure.


Adblocker ultimate


You may get Adblocker ultimate from here.

5. Ghostery

Ghostery is one of the most effective ad blockers that provides smart browsing by giving you control over ads and monitoring technologies to boost up page loads, remove clutter, and secure your data. It is popular for its unique features: Smart Blocking, Dynamic UI and Enhanced Anti-Tracking. Ghostery helps you to boost up your web browsing by reducing the chances or tracking on your system and keep web pages away from annoying ads.




You may get Ghostery from here.

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