How to locate iOS backups stored on your Mac or Windows PC


In this digital era, phone storage is not enough to keep thousands of pictures and media files. In such a case people prefer to backup their iPhone or iPad on Mac or Windows PC. Many times we use iTunes to store photos, files and media files to your computer. iTunes stores backups to a Backup folder in your Users folder. The location of the Backup folder may vary by operating system. However you can copy the Backup folder but you should never move it to a different folder, external drive or network drive. If you have backed up your iOS device twice or thrice on your computer and now you are unable to find backup files, let’s learn how to locate them on your Mac or Windows PC.

How to locate iOS backups on your Mac?

By following the below given steps, you may locate your backup files without running them.

  • On your Mac, click on the Spot lightin the menu bar.
  • Type or copy and paste the following path and press “Return”:
 ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
  • To locate a specific backup, open “iTunes.”
  • Click iTunes in the menu bar and then select “Preferences.”
  • Select “Devices”, control-click the backup that you want and then select “Show in Finder” option.




How to locate iOS backups on your Winodws PC?

If you backup your iPhone using iTunes on your Windows PC, you may locate it by following the below given steps:

  • Follow the below given path to find the list of backups on your Windows PC:
\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
  • Moreover, you may also find it by typing “%appdata% or %USERPROFILE%” in the search bar and pressing “Return.”
  • To view the backups list double click on the folders “Apple” or “Apple Computer” > MobileSync >Backup.

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