How to modify the contact card template in Contacts on Mac


How to customize the contact card template in Contacts on your Mac?

On Mac, Contacts app is one of the most important utilities that allow you to keep or store all of the information of the people you know. If you are already using Contacts app, you may see that cards for your contacts contain certain information by default. The default card template contains phone number, birthday, and a few email fields. If you want to customize this default card template to add some new fields, here we will give you a short user guide that will help you to do that.

You may select the fields that appear on new contact cards in Contacts on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • First off, launch the “Contacts app” on your Mac.
  • Select Contacts > Preferences and then click “Template.”




  • To customize the card template, do any of the following:
  • To add a field: Click “Add Field” and then select a new field to add to the template. Fields that are already added in the template appear dimmed with a checkmark.
  • To change a field’s label:Click the label and then select a different one. For example, to enter a Home email instead of Work email, click “Work” and then select “Home.”
  • To create your own label, you may select “Custom.”
  • To duplicate a field: If you want to add the existing field again, click the “Green add button.”
  • To remove a field: If you want to remove any field, click the “Red remove button.”

This is how you may customize contact card template on your Mac and get help to access only the information, you want. Also, you may easily get the right information for the important contacts on your Mac.

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