How to sort items, group icons and resize columns in the Finder on Mac


How to find and organize items in Finder window on your Mac?

In Mac, Finder plays an important role in finding and organizing your documents, media, folders and other files. With finder, you may easily sort items, group icons and resize columns on you Mac. Basically, you may view items in finder window using four ways, as icons, as a list, in columns or in a gallery view.

To select a view, you need to click one of the “View buttons” at the top of the Finder window.  Once settings are configured for sorting and arranging items in a folder apply until you change them. If you are wondering how to sort items, group icons and resize columns in Finder window on you Mac, here we will provide you some easy instructions to do that.

By following the below given steps, you may easily find and organize items on your Mac.

  • Click the “Finder” icon in the Dock to open a Finder window on your Mac.
  • In the Finder Windows, do any of the following:




  • To sort items: In any view, select View > Show View Options.
  • Click the “Sort By” pop-up menu and then select the sort order such as Date Modified or Name.
  • If you select the “List view”, move the pointer over the column name you want to sort by and then click it.
  • Moreover, you may reverse the short order by clicking the column name again.
  • To group items: In any view, click the “Group” button and then select any of the given options like Date Created or Size.
  • To keep folders at the top: If you want to keep folders in order at the top of the list, go to Finder > Preferences, click Advanced and then select the box in front of “Keep folders on top: In windows when sorting by name.”
  • To arrange icons neatly: In “Icon view”, select View > Clean Up.
  • To resize columns: In List view and Column view, you may resize columns by dragging the line that’s between the column headings.
  • Moreover, double click the column divider to expand a column to show all filenames in their entirety.
  • To show or hide columns: In List view, “Control-click” any column to see all columns available.
  • Now you may select a column name to display or hide it.

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