How to disable Google Maps annoying notification popups


Google Maps is one of the most popular location service applications that help you locate your current location and your desired location worldwide. Google keeps updating its services or applications to enhance their features. Google added “Picture in picture” feature in Google Maps to help you by sending notifications about nearby restaurants, new places and trending places. But sometimes these notification may be annoyed, when you really don’t want to know about places and continuously getting notifications related to that. To get rid of these notifications, you may disable them. Let’s learn how to do that.

To disable annoying Google Maps notification popups

You may easily turn off new annoying Google Maps notifications by following the below given steps:

  • In order to do that, go to Settings>Apps & notifications > App info.




  • Now, scroll down until you see “Maps” and then click on it.




  • Look for “Picture in picture” option and click on it.




  • On the net screen, enable “Allow picture in picture” option.




  • After disabling the Picture in picture option, you will not be annoyed with sudden popup of Google Maps notifications.


This is how you may stop annoying notifications of Google Maps to avoid distractions while doing something really important task on your phone.


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