How to enable and use Google’s auto-delete feature


What is Google’s auto-delete feature ?

Recently, Google released some new privacy and security features at the I/O 2019’s developer conference in Mountain View. One of these recently updated features is auto-delete feature that limits the duration of time for which the data remains stored. By enabling this new feature, you may now put a tab on Google and set a time frame for which Google can keep your data after that the data will automatically be removed. For now, you may only select the duration from 3 months to 18 months. This feature is currently available for Web and App Activity that retains a track record for all the searches and browsing activities. Let’s learn how to use Google’s auto delete feature.

How to enable Google’s auto-delete feature?

You may easily Google’s auto-delete feature by following the below given steps:

Before getting started, make sure that you have latest version of Google App and consistent internet connectivity.

  • First of all, open in any browser on your computer or launch the Google app on your Smartphone.




  • Go to “Web & Activity” option, locate the option “Choose to delete automatically” and click on it.
  • Now, you will see a submenu with three options to select from:
  • Keep until I delete manually.
  • Keep for 18 months then delete automatically.
  • Keep for 3 months and then delete automatically.
  • Make the selection, as per your need and then click “Save.”

This is how you may easily enable Google’s new auto delete feature. Besides this, Google also allows you to stop the data collection for web and app activities temporarily.  In case you don’t want to share the data with Google, you may disable the feature, if it is enabled.

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