How to recover accidently deleted photos from Google photos


How retrieve deleted photos on your Google Photos?

Google Photos is one of the best places to store your thousands of memories in terms of photos and videos. However, people often complain about their photos missing from the device storage. If you are one of them, you need not to be upset. Here we will provide you some possible ways to recover your deleted photos from Google Photos.

1. Check your Google account

First of all, check your online Google account. If you ever synced your photos to your online account you may easily retrieve them by visiting and searching for them. In case you use multiple Gmail account, you should check all of them.

2. Check the Trash or Bin

When you delete any photo from Google Photos, they’re moved to Trash for the next 60 days. In case you deleted them by mistake, you may easily restore them within those 60 days.  Follow these steps:

  • Open the trash on your computer.
  • Put your cursor over the photo or video you want to restore and then click “Done.”
  • Finally, click the “Restore” button at top of the screen.




  • Now, you may view your photos in the album of your Google Photos library.

Note: After expiring 60 days, there is no way to recover them from Google Photos.

3. Contact Google Support

If you are unable to recover the photos from your online account or Trash, you may try to retrieve those pictures by contacting to Google Support. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Drive Help page on your computer.
  • Under “Organize & Find Your Files” section, select “Find or Recover A File.”




  • Here you may have a word with a support specialist or submit a form for deleted Google photos recovery.

This is how you may try to recover deleted photos from Google Photos. Apart from Google Photos, there is no other way which can help you retrieve deleted photos on your Google Photos.

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