Now Linux apps are supported on Chrome OS


Chromebooks will soon be able to run Linux applications

Google chrome is always considered as best browser for all devices because it has facile and user friendly interface. Google always added some new features with the each update of chrome. Now Google is bringing support for Linux applications to Chrome OS. As an effect, Chromebooks will soon be able to run Linux applications. First, Google will release a preview of Linux on the Pixelbook, with support for more coming devices.

Do you want to run the Linux terminal on Chrome OS ?

Google aimed this year to empower developer’s community with new platform to code on Chromebooks. If you want to run the Linux terminal, Android Studio, Git, Sublime and Vim on chrome OS? It will be possible this year. As per Chrome OS director of product management Kan Liu  “Just go to wherever you normally get those apps, whether it’s on the websites or through apt-get in the Linux terminal, and seamless get those apps like any other Linux distribution”.

Liu stated about its working “We put the Linux app environment within a security sandbox, running inside a virtual machine”. “We made sure the user experience is seamless to the user. Whether you use a web app, whether you are using an Android app, or whether you are using a Linux app, the window treatment and the way you launch the app from the launcher is the same.”

Great news for developers and coders who like to create new applications and software

The virtual machine is specially designed for Chromebooks, it will take few seconds to start and completely combine with Chromebooks features, so Windows can be moved around and files can be opened directly from apps.

After getting Linux support, developers and coders will finally be able to use android device to develop for Google’s platforms, rather than having to depend on Windows, Mac or Linux machines. As Chrome OS does not just run Chrome OS-specific apps anymore, developers will be able to develop, test, and run any Android or web app for phones, tablets and laptops all on their Chromebooks.


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